2022 Strathmore Stampede – Strathmore, Alberta

For the third consecutive night it was perfect conditions both weather wise and racetrack wise at the Strathmore Stampede on Sunday night. Some great races were witnessed by a capacity crowd, and Chanse Vigen, posted the fast time of the race meet so far with a run of 1:14.43.

From barrel position number 2 in the 7th heat, Vigen, driving the Blackstone Drilling Fluids Ltd. rig was 89 one-hundredths of a second faster than day 2 winner Kurt Bensmiller who placed second. Rae Croteau Jr. was third, Evan Salmond was fourth and Dayton Sutherland completed the top 5 on the night.

After 3 runs, Kurt Bensmiller’s Versatile Energy Services Ltd. outfit now has a commanding lead in the overall aggregate standings with a three-day combined time of 3:47.27. That’s puts him a whopping 3.04 seconds ahead of reigning Calgary Stampede Champion Kris Molle, with Layne MacGillivray in third, with Kirk Sutherland holding down fourth and Chanse Vigen in fifth place overall. The driver posting the best 4-day aggregate time will be crowned the 2022 Strathmore Heritage Days Stampede champion.

The finals of the of the Strathmore Stampede can be heard live on Monday, August 1, 2022 at 9:00pm ET, 8:00pm CT and 7:00pm MT on Real Country 910am.

Billy Melville

Day 3 Results   
RankDriverSponsorTotal Time
1Chanse VigenBlackstone Drilling Fluids Ltd.1:14.43
2Kurt BensmillerVersatile Energy Services Ltd.1:15.32
3Rae Croteau Jr.Tornado Projects Ltd.1:15.42
4Evan SalmondWest Land Livestock Inc.1:15.58
5Dayton SutherlandBrandell Diesel Inc.1:15.74
6Kirk SutherlandRob Knight Truck Lines Ltd.1:15.97
7Jason GlassBirchcliff Energy Ltd.1:16.08
8Chance FladAspen Crossing1:16.35
9Jordie FikeBro-Tech Plumbing & Heating Inc.1:16.42
10Layne MacGillivrayLeague Projects1:16.58
11/12Kris MolleChariot Express1:16.61
11/12Layne FladZegil Automotive & Transmission/Pure Country Meats1:16.61
13Vern NolinMcCaw’s Drilling & Blasting Ltd.1:16.64
14Codey McCurrachTomco Group of Companies1:16.79
15Troy DorchesterTeam Rig & Supply1:16.81
16Darcy FladMartin Sheilds MP – Bow River1:17.11
17Obrey MotowyloCo-operators Insurance Group Ltd.1:17.16
18Chad FikeTim’s Glass1:17.44
19Cruise BensmillerAIC Construction Ltd.1:17.60
20Chance BensmillerCORE Ag Inputs1:17.62
21Mitch SutherlandQuick Mats Ltd.1:17.65
22Dustin GorstCentury Downs Racetrack & Casino 1:17.87
23Mark SutherlandReinhart Oilfield Services Ltd.1:18.08
24Chance ThomsonBlackjack Livestock Co.1:18.18
25Dean DregerCor-Ex Energy Services Inc.1:18.72
26Doug IrvineGilligan’s Boat Sales Ltd.1:18.76
27Derek AeblyJag Flocomponents LLP1:18.78
28Troy FladMr. Fireplace1:18.79
29Kelly MorinTamara Desjardains – CIR Realty Strathmore1:19.11
30Gage FladBow Slope Shipping Association1:19.60
31Todd McCrackenLogistic Solutions Energy1:19.82
32Roy RomanowCoulee Equine Conditioning & Rehabilitation1:20.48
33Josh HrynykBarbeejay Supplies Ltd.1:21.03
34Tuff DregerTown of Strathmore1:21.34
35Ross KnightPremium Ag1:21.58
36Wade SalmondBurnra Welding Ltd.1:22.35
3 Day Aggregate Standings  
RankDriverSponsor3 Day Total
1Kurt BensmillerVersatile Energy Services Ltd.3:47.27
2Kris MolleChariot Express3:50.31
3Layne MacGillivrayLeague Projects3:50.52
4Kirk SutherlandRob Knight Truck Lines Ltd.3:51.28
5Chanse VigenBlackstone Drilling Fluids Ltd.3:51.36
6Vern NolinMcCaw’s Drilling & Blasting Ltd.3:51.88
7Rae Croteau Jr.Tornado Projects Ltd./Cinch Oilfield Hauling Ltd.3:52.24
8Evan SalmondWest Land Livestock Inc.3:52.55
9Jason GlassBirchcliff Energy Ltd.3:53.05
10Codey McCurrachTomco Group of Companies3:53.32
11Jordie FikeBro-Tech Plumbing & Heating Inc.3:54.23
12Troy DorchesterTeam Rig & Supply3:54.42
13Dayton SutherlandBrandell Diesel Inc.3:55.11
14Mitch SutherlandQuick Mats Ltd.3:55.60
15Chad FikeTim’s Glass/Sherriff’s Farms3:56.09
16Dustin GorstCentury Downs Racetrack & Casino 3:56.71
17Cruise BensmillerAIC Construction Ltd.3:56.83
18Darcy FladMartin Sheilds MP – Bow River3:57.69
19Ross KnightPremium Ag3:57.74
20Chance BensmillerCORE Ag Inputs3:58.05
21Troy FladMr. Fireplace3:59.15
22Dean DregerCor-Ex Energy Services Inc.3:59.51
23Doug IrvineGilligan’s Boat Sales Ltd./Redline Athletics/All Brite Signs/Sign Solutions4:01.46
24Chance ThomsonBlackjack Livestock Co./Edmonton Custom Packers4:02.82
25Layne FladZegil Automotive & Transmission/Pure Country Meats4:02.88
26Chance FladAspen Crossing4:02.89
27Kelly MorinTamara Desjardains – CIR Realty Strathmore4:04.69
28Obrey MotowyloCo-operators Insurance Group Ltd.4:04.87
29Derek AeblyJag Flocomponents LLP4:06.46
30Todd McCrackenLogistic Solutions Energy4:07.00
31Josh HrynykBarbeejay Supplies Ltd.4:07.21
32Roy RomanowCoulee Equine Conditioning & Rehabilitation4:11.33
33Gage FladBow Slope Shipping Association4:12.57
34Wade SalmondBurnra Welding Ltd.4:15.55
35Tuff DregerTown of Strathmore4:15.86
36Mark SutherlandReinhart Oilfield Services Ltd.4:50.59



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