2022 Grande Prairie Stompede – Day 2 Results

Photo By Shellie Scott

GRANDE PRAIRIE (May 26, 2022) – It was a good night of racing on night 2 of the Stompede. Weather and racetrack conditions were great and some outstanding chuckwagon races were once again witnessed by the crowd on hand. When the night wrapped up, it was Jamie Laboucane who took the day money after a penalty free run of 1:16.78.

Coming off barrel number 1 in heat number 9, Laboucane, driving the Davco Industrial Construction Services Ltd. outfit placed first overall for the day by just 11 one-hundredths of a second over 2010 Grande Prairie Stompede Champion Rae Croteau Jr. Doug Irvine grabbed third place, Obrey Motowylo placed fourth, and Chad Fike rounded out the top five on the night.

After two runs, Rae Croteau Jr. leads the 2022 Grande Prairie Stompede with a two day total of 2:34.96. That puts him just 28 one-hundredths of a seconds ahead of rookie driver Kale Lajeunesse who sits second, day 1 winner Kirk Sutherland is third and Doug Irvine holding down fourth place overall. Layne MacGillivray is fifth overall just 27 one-hundredths of a second out of fourth hole.

The top wagon in the aggregate after Saturday’s run will receive the Ralph Vigen Memorial Award and the use of a new GMC Truck for one year. The top 4 drivers in the aggregate after Saturday night will go into the championship final heat on Sunday where the winner will receive a big cheque and the 2022 Grande Prairie Stompede Championship.

Day three of the Grande Prairie Stompede can be heard live Friday night, May 27, 2022 on Real Country 910AM starting at 8:30pm Eastern, 7:30pm Central, 6:30pm Mountain Time. As well, fans can watch the races live on the Cowboy Channel + App streaming platform.

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Day 2 Results 
RankDriverSponsorTotal Time
1Jamie LaboucaneDavco Industrial Construction Services Ltd.1:16.78
2Rae Croteau Jr.Kaidak Energy Services Inc.1:16.89
3Doug IrvineSwab Pro (2018) Ltd.1:17.18
4Obrey MotowyloDynamic Energy Group Inc.1:17.45
5Chad FikeCIMS Corporation1:17.51
6Layne FladKeddies Tack & Western Wear1:17.70
7Kale LajeunesseMcCallum’s Autobody & Towing1:17.72
8Dayton SutherlandNordic Energy Canada Corp.1:17.73
9Ross KnightHays Group Sand and Gravel1:17.87
10Dustin GorstGrande Prairie Airport1:18.23
11Kirk SutherlandHansen Ford1:18.24
12Layne MacGillivrayCascade Energy Corp.1:18.30
13Kris MolleHansen Ford1:18.32
14Rick FraserLiquid Edge Oilfield Services Ltd.1:18.54
15Mitch SutherlandRentco Equipment Ltd.1:18.68
16Logan GorstNorthstar Hydrovac Inc.1:18.70
17Chanse VigenSundown Oilfield Services Ltd.1:18.75
18Dean DregerNorthern Mat & Bridge1:18.89
19Vern NolinMcCaw’s Drilling & Blasting Ltd.1:18.91
20Chance BensmillerPinnacle Picker Services Ltd.1:19.00
21Kurt BensmillerHalf a Dime Contracting Ltd.1:19.01
22Evan MageeKrycket Consulting1:19.08
23Evan SalmondCity of Grande Prairie1:19.12
24Mark SutherlandFTEN Group of Companies Inc.1:19.13
25Tuff DregerBDP Traffic Management1:19.15
26Roger MooreTriplex Oilfield Services Ltd.1:19.23
27Troy DorchesterPureChem Services1:19.26
28Troy FladBeer Bros & Spirits Corp1:19.30
29Chance FladControl Tech1:19.36
30Josh HrynykStryker Energy1:19.53
31Codey McCurrachFriends of McCurracing1:19.65
32Wade SalmondPidherney’s1:19.66
33Brad McMannOptimum Equipment Solutions1:19.91
34Derek AeblyFriends of Aebly Racing1:20.39
35Jason GlassBirchcliff Energy Ltd.1:20.43
36Darcy FladLakeside Oilfield Services1:20.49
37Chance ThomsonDaler Pressure Services Ltd.1:21.26
38Jordie FikeH & M Meats1:21.59
39Roy RomanowInked Energy Services Ltd.1:22.08
40Todd McCrackenMaximum Tank Truck Services Ltd.1:22.62
41Cruise BensmillerFarm Boys Oilfield Services Inc.1:23.93
42Kelly MorinMorin’Ever1:24.13
43Cody RidsdaleEnvolve Energy Services Corp.1:25.95
44Chad HardenHard’n’ Wild1:26.96
2 Day Aggregate Standings
RankDriverSponsor2 Day Total
1Rae Croteau Jr.Kaidak Energy Services Inc.2:34.96
2Kale LajeunesseMcCallum’s Autobody & Towing2:35.24
3Kirk SutherlandHansen Ford2:35.38
4Doug IrvineSwab Pro (2018) Ltd.2:35.64
5Layne MacGillivrayCascade Energy Corp.2:35.91
6Kris MolleHansen Ford2:36.30
7Ross KnightHays Group Sand and Gravel2:36.39
8Jamie LaboucaneDavco Industrial Construction Services Ltd.2:36.48
9Chad FikeCIMS Corporation2:36.55
10Kurt BensmillerHalf a Dime Contracting Ltd.2:36.68
11Obrey MotowyloDynamic Energy Group Inc.2:36.97
12Vern NolinMcCaw’s Drilling & Blasting Ltd.2:37.29
13Logan GorstNorthstar Hydrovac Inc.2:37.39
14Evan SalmondCity of Grande Prairie2:37.45
15Jason GlassBirchcliff Energy Ltd.2:37.67
16Wade SalmondPidherney’s2:37.91
17Dayton SutherlandNordic Energy Canada Corp.2:37.97
18Chance FladControl Tech2:37.98
19Rick FraserLiquid Edge Oilfield Services Ltd.2:38.04
20Dustin GorstGrande Prairie Airport2:38.06
21Layne FladKeddies Tack & Western Wear2:38.13
22Troy DorchesterPureChem Services/Zedcor2:38.49
23Brad McMannOptimum Equipment Solutions2:38.52
24Mark SutherlandFTEN Group of Companies Inc.2:38.71
25Codey McCurrachFriends of McCurracing2:38.73
26Chance BensmillerPinnacle Picker Services Ltd.2:38.99
27Tuff DregerBDP Traffic Management2:39.25
28Dean DregerNorthern Mat & Bridge2:39.70
29Josh HrynykStryker Energy2:40.24
30Jordie FikeH & M Meats2:40.42
31Derek AeblyFriends of Aebly Racing2:40.42
32Chanse VigenSundown Oilfield Services Ltd.2:40.89
33Chance ThomsonDaler Pressure Services Ltd.2:41.07
34Roger MooreTriplex Oilfield Services Ltd.2:41.34
35Mitch SutherlandRentco Equipment Ltd.2:41.36
36Darcy FladLakeside Oilfield Services2:42.60
37Todd McCrackenMaximum Tank Truck Services Ltd.2:43.89
38Troy FladBeer Bros & Spirits Corp.2:44.76
39Evan MageeKrycket Consulting2:45.73
40Roy RomanowInked Energy Services Ltd./Hammerhead Resources Inc.2:45.76
41Chad HardenHard’n’ Wild2:49.96
42Kelly MorinMorin’Ever2:50.88
43Cruise BensmillerFarm Boys Oilfield Services Inc.2:51.40
44Cody RidsdaleEnvolve Energy Services Corp.



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