2022 Century Downs “Winners’ Zone” Championship – Night 4 Results

After some afternoon rains in the Calgary area, night 4 of the Century Downs World Chuckwagon Finals was run on a slower racetrack, but the enthusiasm of the drivers and the chuckwagon fans was not dampened at all. There was a lot on the line in many different areas on Saturday night as a few awards were handed out prior to Sunday’s Century Downs “Winners’ Zone” Championship Final Heat.

In the year long race for the World Chuckwagon Championship, Layne MacGillivray clinched his career World Championship buckle in record breaking fashion with the highest point total in chuckwagon racing history. His 1500 points broke Reg Johnstone’s 2005 record of 1450.5 points, and captured the 2022 World title by 88 points lead over reigning World Champion Obrey Motowylo, and 104 points over 4-time World Champion Kurt Bensmiller. Motowylo and Bensmiller have won 5 out of the last six World Chuckwagon Championships.

Night 4 also saw Kris Molle, Chad Fike, Obrey Motowylo and Ross Knight survive the Century Downs “Winners’ Zone” Championship Playoff round and will comprise the Century Downs “Winners’ Zone” Championship Dash where they will be racing for $75,000.00 cash and the prestige of being recognized as the inaugural Century Downs “Winners’ Zone” Champion.

Kris Molle finished in first place in the Century Downs “Winners’ Zone” Championship Playoff round after collecting 52 points. Chad Fike was second with 48 points, followed by Obrey Motowylo with 40 points. Ross Knight and Chanse Vigen were all tied for the fourth and final spot in Sunday’s Championship Final, but Knight got the nod on the strength of having the best 4 day aggregate time among the two tied drivers. It’s the second year Chanse Vigen lost out on a spot in Sunday’s final through the tiebreaker Layne MacGillivray, Kurt Bensmiller, Doug Irvine, Kirk Sutherland, Vern Nolin, Jason Glass and Rae Croteau Jr. were the other drivers who also qualified for the playoff round.

Kris Molle, driving the Chariot Express outfit, and along with outriders Hayden Motowylo and Kaeden Molle won Century Downs Racetrack and Casino Aggregate Championship. Molle and crew captured the Aggregate portion of the Century Downs World Chuckwagon Finals after posting the best 4-day aggregate time of 5:39.31. That put him 1.84 seconds faster than Chad Fike, with Obrey Motowylo, Ross Knight and Mitch Sutherland filling out the top five in the overall aggregate standings.

On the night, Chad Fike and his Propak Systems Ltd. rig had the fast time after posting a run of 1:25.84 from barrel number 1 in the 8th heat. Kris Molle placed second from the same 8th heat, with Obrey Motowylo, rookie driver Cruise Bensmiller and 2022 World Champion Chuckwagon Driver Layne MacGillivray making out the five fastest times on the evening.

The final day of the final stop of the 2022 WPCA Pro Tour at the Century Downs Word Finals can be heard live on Sunday afternoon, August 28, 2022 on Real Country 910am, or seen on the Cowboy Channel + Streaming App, starting at 4:00pm Eastern, 3:00pm Central and 2:00pm Mountain Time. 

Billy Melville

2022 World Champion Chuckwagon Driver
Layne MacGillivray 2022 World Standings
RankDriverTotal Points
1Layne MacGillivray1500
2Obrey Motowylo1410
3Kurt Bensmiller1395
4Kris Molle1345.5
5Rae Croteau Jr.1319
6Chad Fike1277.5
7Kirk Sutherland1252
8Jason Glass1217
9Vern Nolin1212.5
10Doug Irvine1193.5
$75,000.00 Century Downs “Winners’ Zone” Championship  Final Heat (By Qualification Order)
1Kris MolleChariot Express
2Chad FikePropak Systems Ltd.
3Obrey MotowyloCo-operators Insurance 
4Ross KnightTed Valentine Memorial 
Century Downs “Winners’ Zone” Championship Playoff Standings
RankDriver4 Day Playoff Total
1Kris Molle52
2Chad Fike48
3Obrey Motowylo40
4Ross Knight *37
4Chanse Vigen37
6Layne MacGillivray36
7Kurt Bensmiller31
8Doug Irvine30
9Kirk Sutherland23
10Vern Nolin22
11Jason Glass18
12Rae Croteau Jr.12
* Won Tie Breaker
Note: Top 4 after Saturday will qualify for the Century Downs “Winners’ Zone” Championship Dash. 2022 Century Downs Racetrack and Casino Aggregate ChampionsChariot ExpressKris Molle – DriverHayden Motowylo & Kaeden Molle – Outriders Day 4 ResultsRankDriverSponsorTotal Time1Chad FikePropak Systems Ltd.1:25.842Kris MolleChariot Express1:26.353Obrey MotowyloCo-operators Insurance 1:26.684Cruise BensmillerIrvine’s Tack and Western Wear1:27.545Layne MacGillivraySpray Lake Sawmills1:27.636Kurt BensmillerVersatile Energy Services Ltd.1:27.887Chanse VigenVolker Stevin/Glover International Trucks1:28.008Vern NolinMcCaw’s Drilling & Blasting Ltd.1:28.139Jordie FikeRafter G Land & Cattle1:28.2110Evan SalmondWest Land Livestock Inc.1:28.3311Doug IrvineB & R Eckel’s Transport Ltd.1:28.3512Ross KnightTed Valentine Memorial 1:28.4713Kirk SutherlandKLS Earthworks & Environmental1:28.7314Jason GlassBirchcliff Energy Ltd.1:28.8914Mitch SutherlandDavis Chevrolet GMC Buick1:28.8916Dean DregerNorthern Mat & Bridge1:28.9417Josh HrynykEnergy Auctions Inc.1:28.9618Dustin GorstTeam One More – Century Downs Racetrack and Casino1:29.0418Chance BensmillerPinnacle Pickers1:29.0420Kelly MorinTidewater Midstream and Infastructure Ltd.1:29.0821Troy DorchesterTeam Rig & Supply1:29.1222Codey McCurrachTOMCO Group of Companies 1:29.2123Evan MageeJeff &Julie DeSutter/Kendal Farms Shoulder to shoulder with the People of Ukraine1:29.2924Layne FladTerrafirma Resources1:29.3225Roger MooreMonarch Siding & Roofing Centre1:29.3926Derek AeblyJag Flocomponents LLP1:29.5927Darcy FladFerence Land & Cattle Corp.1:29.7828Rae Croteau Jr.Dal-Tek Interiors Ltd.1:29.9429Chance ThomsonBar J Heavy Mechanical1:30.1130Chance FladAspen Crossing1:32.6931Tuff DregerPomeroy Lodging1:32.7232Troy FladMr.Fireplace1:32.9733Wade SalmondPidherny’s Inc1:33.2434Dayton SutherlandAirstream Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.1:34.2035Chad Harden *Kiwi Irrigation1:37.2336Roy RomanowInked Energy Services Ltd.1:38.92* Troy Flad drove for Chad Harden.4 Day Aggregate StandingsRankDriverSponsor4 Day Total1Kris MolleChariot Express5:39.312Chad FikePropak Systems Ltd.5:41.153Obrey MotowyloCo-operators Insurance 5:42.354Ross KnightTed Valentine Memorial 5:43.465Mitch SutherlandDavis Chevrolet GMC Buick5:43.586Layne MacGillivrayCascade Energy Services/Ensign Energy Services/Spray Lake Sawmills/League Projects5:44.017Chance BensmillerPinnacle Pickers5:44.158Chanse VigenVolker Stevin/Glover International Trucks5:44.659Kurt BensmillerVersatile Energy Services Ltd.5:44.6810Doug IrvineB & R Eckel’s Transport Ltd.5:44.8811Vern NolinMcCaw’s Drilling & Blasting Ltd.5:45.1812Jordie FikeRafter G Land & Cattle5:45.4613Evan SalmondWest Land Livestock Inc.5:45.5014Kirk SutherlandKLS Earthworks & Environmental5:45.5515Codey McCurrachTOMCO Group of Companies 5:45.8716Layne FladTerrafirma Resources5:46.5717Cruise BensmillerIrvine’s Tack and Western Wear5:46.6418Kelly MorinTidewater Midstream and Infastructure Ltd.5:46.6919Jason GlassBirchcliff Energy Ltd.5:47.1620Rae Croteau Jr.Dal-Tek Interiors Ltd.5:48.0921Chance ThomsonBar J Heavy Mechanical5:48.8722Wade SalmondPidherny’s Inc5:49.6523Troy DorchesterEldorado Pressure Services Ltd./Team Rig & Supply5:50.0424Darcy FladFerence Land & Cattle Corp.5:50.1925Dean DregerNorthern Mat & Bridge5:51.2726Derek AeblyJag Flocomponents LLP5:51.8327Roger MooreMonarch Siding & Roofing Centre5:52.1528Evan MageeJeff &Julie DeSutter/Kendal Farms/GT Custom Farming/Signs by Foss5:53.1129Tuff DregerPomeroy Lodging5:55.3730Dayton SutherlandAirstream Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.5:55.5631Josh HrynykEnergy Auctions Inc.5:56.5532Chance FladAspen Crossing5:56.9433Troy FladMr.Fireplace5:57.1934Chad HardenFriends of Troy Flad6:01.1235Roy RomanowInked Energy Services Ltd./6:06.4936Dustin GorstTeam One More



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