2022 Battle of the Foothills – Final Results

High River, Alberta (July 24, 2022) – A successful Battle of the Foothills wrapped up on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in High River, Alberta. When the times were tabulated, it was Rae Croteau Jr., driving the White Owl Whiskey outfit, and along with outriders Tyson Whitehead and Tyler DeSutter, who took the championship after posting the best 4-day aggregate time of 5:10.46. It’s the first time Croteau has won the High River crown, and the first WPCA Tour show championship win for outrider Tyler DeSutter.

Croteau Jr., who has been in first place overall after nights 1 and 3, completed a near wire to wire victory with his second day money run in four runs. Croteau Jr. won the championship by 1.02 second margin over 2022 Richard Cosgrave Memorial Award Winner Layne MacGillivray. 2022 Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby Champion Kris Molle placed third, reigning World Champion Chuckwagon Driver Obrey Motowylo was fourth, and 2022 North American Chuckwagon Championship Champion Dustin Gorst rounded out the top five overall in the aggregate standings.

As far as day times went, Rae Croteau Jr.’s White Owl Whiskey outfit, had the best time on the week with a run of 1:15.65 from barrel number 3 in the 10th heat. Second place went to Layne MacGillivray in the 10th heat, followed by Kris Molle, Troy Flad and Mark Sutherland completing the top five wagons on the day.

The WPCA Pro Tour now moves into Strathmore for the Strathmore Stampede Championship starting on Friday, July 29, 2022. Day 1 of the Strathmore Stampede can be heard on WPCA Radio starting 9:00pm Eastern, 8:00pm Central, and 7:00pm Mountain time on Real Country 910.

Billy Melville

2022 Battle of the Foothills Champions
White Owl Whiskey
Rae Croteau Jr.- Driver
Tyler DeSutter, Tyson Whitehead – Outriders
Day 4 Results 
RankDriverSponsorTotal Time
1Rae Croteau Jr.White Owl Whiskey1:15.65
2Layne MacGillivrayMcLean Contracting1:16.60
3Kris MolleThe Mavericks Chuckwagon Team1:17.11
4Troy FladMr. Fireplace1:17.12
5Mark SutherlandReinhart Oilfield Services Ltd.1:17.52
6Obrey MotowyloCo-operators – Crawford Insurance Group Ltd.1:17.53
7Dustin GorstCentury Downs Racetrack & Casino 1:17.69
8Chanse VigenThe Mavericks Chuckwagon Team1:17.72
9Kirk SutherlandLaycraft & Moncrieff Farms1:17.87
10Chance FladAspen Crossing1:18.06
11Mitch SutherlandCanyon Rigging1:18.24
12Wade Salmond (Wagon #2)J. Vair Anderson Jewellers1:18.49
13Kirk Sutherland (Wagon #2)Laycraft & Moncrieff Farms1:18.84
14Doug IrvineEnsteel Industries Ltd.1:18.93
15Kurt BensmillerAIC Construction Ltd.1:18.95
16Vern NolinMcCaw’s Drilling & Blasting Ltd.1:18.96
17Jordie FikeShawne Excavating & Trucking Ltd.1:19.20
18Chad FikeSprung Structures1:19.30
19Jason GlassBirchcliff Energy Ltd.1:19.49
20Chance ThomsonRemi’s Mechanical Services Ltd.1:19.84
21Chance BensmillerCalgary Landscape Supplies1:20.09
22Josh HrynykSpider Electric Ltd.1:20.10
23Ross KnightKoda Transport Ltd. 1:20.49
24Kelly MorinVantage Housing Solutions 1:20.72
25Evan SalmondWestLand Livestock Inc1:20.78
26Cruise BensmillerCDM Mechanical Ltd.1:20.98
27Cody Ridsdale *O’Chiese First Nation1:21.12
28Wade SalmondOmega 2000 Cribbing Inc.1:21.19
29Todd McCrackenLogistic Solutions Energy1:21.66
30Chad HardenSandy Hill Simmentals/First Class Cattle Marketing Ltd.1:21.75
31Layne FladAbsolute Landscapes1:21.80
32Derek AeblyJag Flocomponents LLP1:22.18
33Darcy FladJohn Barlow MP-Foothills 1:22.37
34Roy RomanowWard Tirecraft (High River)1:23.01
35Troy DorchesterCam Clark Ford1:23.58
36Gage FladRemax Darcy Powlik Realty1:23.70
37Evan MageeWestern RV Country1:24.33
38Tuff DregerKLS Earthworks & Environmental1:24.36
39Dayton SutherlandBrandell Diesel Inc.1:26.49
40Dean DregerNorthern Mat & Bridge1:28.23
* Wagon driven by Doug Irvine
4 Day Aggregate Standings
RankDriverSponsor4 Day Total
1Rae Croteau Jr.White Owl Whiskey5:10.46
2Layne MacGillivrayMcLean Contracting5:11.48
3Kris MolleThe Mavericks & Spolumbo’s Deli & Fine Foods.5:12.14
4Obrey MotowyloCo-operators – Crawford Insurance Group Ltd.5:12.74
5Dustin GorstCentury Downs Racetrack & Casino 5:13.06
6Chad FikeSprung Structures5:14.25
7Kurt BensmillerAIC Construction Ltd.5:15.10
8Jordie FikeShawne Excavating & Trucking Ltd.5:16.69
9Jason GlassBirchcliff Energy Ltd.5:17.16
10Mark SutherlandReinhart Oilfield Services Ltd.5:17.75
11Vern NolinMcCaw’s Drilling & Blasting Ltd.5:18.74
12Ross KnightKoda Transport Ltd. 5:19.32
13Chance ThomsonBlackjack Livestock Co./Remi’s Mechanical Services Ltd.5:19.42
14Troy FladMr. Fireplace5:19.47
15Kirk Sutherland (Wagon #2)Laycraft & Moncrieff Farms5:19.78
16Kirk SutherlandLaycraft & Moncrieff Farms5:20.02
17Evan SalmondWestLand Livestock Inc5:21.31
18Doug IrvineEnsteel Industries Ltd.5:21.52
19Chanse VigenThe Mavericks & White Whale5:22.78
20Layne FladAbsolute Landscapes5:22.82
21Chance FladAspen Crossing5:24.16
22Wade SalmondOmega 2000 Cribbing Inc.5:24.86
23Todd McCrackenLogistic Solutions Energy5:25.54
24Troy DorchesterPureChem Services/Cam Clark Ford5:27.05
25Cody RidsdaleO’Chiese First Nation5:28.29
26Kelly MorinVantage Housing Solutions 5:29.76
27Mitch SutherlandCanyon Rigging5:31.52
28Derek AeblyJag Flocomponents LLP5:32.04
29Gage FladRemax Darcy Powlik Realty5:33.12
30Wade Salmond (Wagon #2)J. Vair Anderson Jewellers5:34.89
31Chad HardenSandy Hill Simmentals/First Class Cattle Marketing Ltd.5:36.50
32Darcy FladJohn Barlow MP-Foothills 5:37.56
33Dayton SutherlandBrandell Diesel Inc.5:39.64
34Evan MageeWestern RV Country5:40.52
35Tuff DregerKLS Earthworks & Environmental5:41.11
36Josh HrynykSpider Electric Ltd.5:41.55
37Chance BensmillerCalgary Landscape Supplies5:45.83
38Dean DregerNorthern Mat & Bridge5:46.90
39Roy RomanowWard Tirecraft (High River)5:54.10
40Cruise BensmillerCDM Mechanical Ltd.



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