Yates Wins Big at Cowboy’s Stadium

ARLINGTON, Texas (February 19, 2011) – In front of 38,641 fans at Cowboys Stadium in his home state of Texas, Colby Yates of Sulphur Springs, TX won $50,000 and the title of Dickies® Iron Cowboy presented by WinStar World Casino on Saturday.

The final rider to make it into the bracket, Yates upset top seed Austin Meier in the finals when he stayed on I’m A Gangster (Jeff Robinson/Cappello) for 2.5 seconds after Meier bucked off Bushwacker (Julio Moreno/Richard Oliveira) in 2.3 seconds. Yates learned he would compete 72 hours before the event, replacing Robson Palermo who was injured last week.

Yates had the chance to earn an additional $100,000 if he could ride Super Duty (Robinson/Katich/Pinnacle Bull Group). The 2010 runner-up for World Champion Bull, however, put him into the dirt in 2.5 seconds.

The $100,000 will now carry over to the “Last Cowboy Standing,” an elimination event on Apr. 16 in Las Vegas, making the top prize $200,000.

In the quarterfinals, No. 2 seed J.B. Mauney received a 90.0-point ride on Chicken on a Chain (Robinson/Tedesco/Larry the Cable Guy).

Yates answered with the highest score of the night, 92.25 points on Carillo Cartel (4C’s/Sills/HD Bucking Bulls), and moved ahead to the next round of the bracket.

Yates beat defending Iron Cowboy champion and the current top-ranked rider in the world Valdiron de Oliveira in the semifinals. Yates run appeared to end when the buck-off time for Oliveira was reported as 3.3 seconds. Yates, however, challenged the time and upon review it was determined that Oliveira’s time was 3.0 seconds, 0.2 seconds less than Yates.

Meier defeated Mike Lee in the semifinals, 5.0 seconds to 2.8 seconds. Before Lee rode, Meier had a 4.5-second ride on Shepherd Hills Trapper with the option to take a reride which he accepted.

Eighth-seed Ryan McConnel had upset Meier in the quarterfinals, 4.9 seconds to 4.5 seconds. McConnel, however, landed on his neck and was transported to the hospital for x-rays. Because McConnel was unable to compete, Meier advanced.

Professional Bull Riders
Dickies® Iron Cowboy Invitational presented by WinStar World Casino
Results from Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas

Round 1
(1) Austin Meier advances with bye.
(17) Pistol Robinson, 91.25 points, d. (16) Stormy Wing, 1.6 seconds.
(8) Ryan McConnel advances with bye.
(24) Cody Nance, 86.5 points, d. (9) Ben Jones, 6.5 seconds.
(4) Mike Lee advances with bye.
(20) Aaron Roy, 2.9 seconds, d. (13) Paulo Lima, 2.4 seconds.
(5) Dustin Elliott advances with bye.
(12) Jordan Hupp, 3.5 seconds, d. (21) Cody Campbell, 1.9 seconds.
(2) J.B. Mauney advances with bye.
(15) Douglas Duncan, 7.3 seconds, d. (18) Ned Cross, 4.6 seconds.
(7) Silvano Alves advances with bye.
(10) Colby Yates, 86.5 points, (23) Travis Briscoe, 6.0 seconds.
(3) Valdiron de Oliveira advances with bye.
(14) L.J. Jenkins, 85 points, d. (19) Shane Proctor, 84.75 points.
(6) Guilherme Marchi advances with bye.
(11) Skeeter Kingsolver, 87 points, (22) Sean Willingham, 3.2 seconds.

Round 2
Meier, 5.6 seconds, d. Robinson, 5.1 seconds.
McConnel, 83.25 points, d. Nance, 3.9 seconds.
Lee, 3.8 seconds, d. Roy, 3.4 seconds.
Hupp, 7.5 seconds, d. Elliott, 4.2 seconds.
Mauney, 87.5 points, d. Duncan, 5.5 seconds.
Yates, 7.0 seconds, d. Alves, 6.5 seconds.
Oliveira, 90.5 points, d. Jenkins, 88.75 points.
Marchi, 88 points, d. Kingsolver, 7.2 seconds.

McConnel, 4.9 seconds, d. Meier, 4.5 seconds. (Meier advances because of injury)
Lee, 3.1 seconds, d. Hupp, 3.0 seconds.
Yates, 92.25 points, d. Mauney, 90 points.
Oliveira, 2.54 seconds, d. Marchi, 2.52.

Meier, 5.0 seconds, / Lee, 2.8 seconds.
Yates, 3.2 seconds d. Oliveira, 3.0 seconds

Yates, 2.5 seconds on I’m A Gangster (Jeff Robinson/Cappello) d. Meier, 2.3 seconds on Bushwacker (Julio Moreno/Richard Oliveira).

$100,000 Bonus
Super Duty (Robinson/Katich/Pinnacle Bull Group) d. Yates, 2.5 seconds.

-Source: PBRnow.com and YouTube



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