What’s That Bull with Ted Stovin – Rimbey Hooves & Horns Bull-A-Rama

Rimbey, AB: I haven’t been to this event for a few years now. When I did go last though it sure was a great one. Probably one of the most fun beer gardens around. I’m looking forward to heading back to this event.

It looks to me like the riders have changed quite a bit since I’ve been up to the Rimbey Hooves & Horns Bull-A-Rama too. There are a lot of newer names on the list. They are all looking at winning that vehicle series between here and Delburne in the fall. Colter Harden is one of those guys that is new to entering bull riding only events and he’s for sure going to be giving it his all to win himself a new ride.

I’m not totally sure of it but I think this is one of the first bull ridings you’ll see Colt Torkelson compete at. He’s 2010 Canadian Champion, Jesse Torkelson‘s little brother. I’ve yet to see him ride but I heard somewhere along the way he rides a lot like Jesse.

Speaking of the elder Torkelson, Jesse is matched up with Wild Hoggs 841 Double Down. Max Fortmuller rode the big red up in Vermillion about a month and a bit ago now for an 81.5. I’m guessing Jesse is closer to an 84 on Saturday and places deep in the Long Go.


Dusty Ephrom vs. Skori’s 6 Boilynn Hot – Dusty’s wife Renee wrote a great blog today that you can find a link to on the PBR Canada Facebook page or at PBR.com. If you’re wondering where Dusty and Renee have been for the past year, you’ll find out their story there. It’s great to see they are back and coming out to Rimbey on the weekend. I think Dusty probably hasn’t been on many since he broke his leg back in the summer. Boilynn Hot of Ellie Skori’s should be a good draw. This bull isn’t always the easiest but I’m thinking Dusty should be in for about an 83 and get himself a good pick in the Short Go.


Brian Hervey vs. Rafter G’s 60 Cinch Black Label – I’m glad to see Brian is back after taking 2012 off to heal up. He had a couple of big years in 2010 and 2011 making some waves after being virtually unknown before. I expect him to come out and do big things once again in 2013. This should be a great bull of Nate Gardner’s to get things started. Josh Birks got a pretty big score here in my opinion. I’m guessing Brian gets an 85 or so when he spurs this one in the neck.


Josh Birks vs. Sawyer’s 866 Bucket List – Josh rode this bull formerly of Darin Eno’s back in the fall in Delburne. The score there was 83.5. We’re about half a year from then and this bull and rider have had the winter as a decent sized break. We could end up getting a few more points this time around. Josh is certainly looking to defend his title as well.


7:00pm is when things get underway at the Rimbey Hockey Arena with the doors opening at 6:00pm. Tickets are still available.



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