Calgary, AB: There has been quite a bit of interest lately in what I’ve been doing here with Everything Cowboy and what it can do business wise.

For two events so far this year, I’ve been working with 3D Bull Riding Inc. at their events as the Social Media Strategist. It’s been a benefit because I’ve been asked to be at the rest of the 3D Events this year as well.

I get rodeo and bull riding news, video and interviews out to the public through many social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and this very site itself.

To explain a bit more about how it works I wanted to show you all some numbers I looked up yesterday to show just how many people this social media stuff gets to.

Working with 3D Bullriding in Lethbridge, AB March 2nd & 3rd, here’s what the numbers looked like for the week around the event.

Video: YouTube

35 Videos including two interviews with a total of 7,983 views from March 2nd until April 17th


From March 1th to March 9th

One lead up story

Night One Highlights with video and interview

Night Two Highlights with video and interview

Follow up story

Total Visits: 1,611

Unique Visitors: 1,176

Page views: 2,647

Average Time Spent on Site: 1:33 (One Minute, 33 Seconds)

Top 5 Cities

  1. Edmonton, AB 344 Visits 1:36 Avg. Time on Site
  2. Calgary, AB 203, 4:02
  3. Lethbridge, AB 126, 1:08
  4. Vancouver, BC 61, 0:33
  5. Saskatoon, SK 51, 1:50

Facebook: Everything Cowboy

23,362 Impressions reached 1,356 Facebook Users from 12 posts

This is explained by Facebook as:

“Weekly number of impressions seen of any content associated with your page.”

Facebook: 3D Bullriding

12,000 Impressions reached 920 Facebook users from 15 posts

Twitter: @TedStovin

I looked up a way to find what kind of impressions came from Twitter in a similar way to Facebook and found that my latest 50 Tweets reached a total of 4,556 different Twitter accounts and created 11,531 impressions as of April 17th.


So tallying up all of these different stories you can see how much of an influence that what all of  this social media has been doing for our sport!

A final total impression of the number of people through the different outlets can be seen here:

3D Facebook: 920 users

EC Facebook: 1,356 users

Twitter: 4,556 users

Web: 1,176 unique visitors

And YouTube had: 7,983 views which is from I’m not really sure how many users. But one could guess about 1/3rd so about 2,634 users

Final Tally: 10,642 people reached due to the Lethbridge, AB PBR Canada Event.

Some of these people as well are of course duplicated, these numbers are a step forward though in my opinion!

When you look at the impressions numbers as well it gets much higher. With them a person can see why they are so visible now as well.

Total Approximate Impressions: 57,523

The brand has a huge impact with it being seen that much.

Those are some of the numbers though explaining a bit more of what is going on here with Everything Cowboy and how we can help you with your event or product as well.

We look forward to working with you in the future!




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