U of S Joins CIRA With September Event

Saskatoon, SK: The University of Saskatchewan has joined the ranks of the Canadian Intercollegiate Rodeo Association. They plan to host a rodeo on the 22 of September this fall. Read the full story about it all here:



Day four in the voting for Katy Lucas and I to be the 2012 Calgary Stampede Ultimate Interns is nearly in the books. Today was a great day. I would like to let everyone voting know though that some of the comments posted on some of the pages of the contestants have been negative. We sure appreciate your help and support. We do however want to keep the competition clean and in good manner.

That being said, we want to win this competition more than anything. We are putting everything we have into this competition and you all know we would go above and beyond the call of duty for the Calgary Stampede if chosen the winners.

Our video may be very rodeo focused, but as you know, Katy and know much more than what goes on inside and outside of the arena. Give us a shot and you’ll see what we can do. As for the power of social media and what we can do for the Calgary Stampede, our video shows our reach. Here the video is once again if you haven’t seen it. Please take notice of all the effort Katy put into the production of it, she did a great job!


Here again is the link to vote. You can vote once every 24 hours.


We greatly appreciate your continued support right through to the end of the voting on May 22.

Thanks again. We’ve got a surprise coming on Monday as well. Stay tuned for details!




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