Twelve Biggest Moments of 2012

Calgary, AB: Back in October we went over the best rides and runs of 2012. This is the culmination of that that will be shown from now until the end of the year. It’s take a while to compile and some didn’t even make the cut. It’s going to include a little bit of everything but mostly bull riding since that’s what we’ve got the most videos of. These are some of this year’s honourable mentions for the top twelve moments of 2012!

The Biggest honourable mention goes to the recently retired Unabomber and Tanner Byrne for the last ever 90 point ride on the great Eno/Kubinchak bull who resides as part of the family in Coronation, AB. With this win, it got Tanner his PBR BFTS debut a few weeks later in Tulsa, OK.


Darin and I talked a bit more about Unabomber at the PBR World Finals.


Another honourable mention goes to Devon Mezei and Calgary Stampede’s Pawn Star on their 90 point match up which won the Lethbridge, AB 3D Bullriding Event. That got Devon to his first BFTS event of the year in Detroit, MI and started off his season very well.


Dave Poulsen caught up with Devon at the time to talk more about the win.


Carlee Pierce finished second in the WPRA after the past ten days at the WNFR for the title of Reserve World Champion. She won over $200,000 this season, over $30,000 was won in Canada, where she was born in Red Deer, with a lot of it coming right out of her win at the Ponoka Stampede!


Dianne Finstad talked to Carlee at this year’s Canadian Finals Rodeo where Carlee was also second when things finished up.


That’s the start. The top twelve are yet to come.

Stay tuned for the worst wrecks of 2012 too! Feel free to add your own thoughts in. It’s all open to discussion.



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