Torkelson Wins First Event of 2011 Canadian PBR Season

Edmonton, AB

Alberta native Jesse Torkelson captured the first event win of the 2011 Professional Bull Riders (PBR) Canadian Cup Series, Saturday night at the Edmonton Invitational. Torkelson rode Krackin (Skori Bucking Bulls) for 85.5 points in Round 1 and continued to dominate in the Championship Round, staying atop Big Valley Back (Vold Rodeo) for 90 points. After earning the only 90-point ride of the evening, Torkelson walked away with $6,630.00.

“There isn’t too much pressure going into the first event of the season,” said Torkelson. “Your mind is fresh and you don’t have to worry about where you are at in the standings.”

Beau Brooks of Cochrane, AB, also went two-for-two after staying on Border Town (4C Bucking Bulls) for 85 points, followed by an 87.5 point ride on Evil Roy Slade (Skori Bucking Bulls) in the Championship Round. Two-time World Finals contender Zane Lambert of Westbourne, MB, had a strong night, finishing third overall after making the buzzer on Torn Apart (Vold Rodeo) for 87 points. Lambert received the option of a reride in the Championship Round and covered Bio Diesel (Battle River Rodeo) for 84 points.

Rounding out the event with a fourth place finish, Ty Pozzobon of Merritt, BC, captured an early lead after covering Forget Me Not (Girletz Rodeo Stock) for 87.5 points in Round 1. Due to injury, the Round 1 leader did not compete in the Championship Round.

Injury Report

Ty Pozzobon suffered a concussion in Round 1. Pozzobon did not compete in the Championship Round.

Event Leaders

1. Jesse Torkelson, Warburg, AB, $6,630.00.
2. Beau Brooks, Cochrane, AB, $4,420.00.
3. Zane Lambert, Westbourne, MB, $3,978.00.
4. Ty Pozzobon, Merritt, BC, $3,536.00.
5. Jason Finkbeiner, Wardlow, AB, $1,944.80.

Championship Round

1. Jesse Torkelson, Warburg, AB, 90 points on Big Valley Back (Vold Rodeo).
2. Beau Brooks, Cochrane, AB, 87.5 points on Evil Roy Slade (Skori Bucking Bulls).
3. Zane Lambert, Westbourne, MB, 84 points Bio Diesel (Battle River Rodeo)

Video Highlights from the event:

Ty Pozzobon vs. “Look Behind You”

Colin McTaggart vs. “Slash”

Beau Brooks vs. “Evil Roy Slade”

Jesse Torkelson vs. “Big Valley Black” 90 points

Jesse Torkelson vs. “Krackin” 85.5 points

If you like what you see here, let me know because I think it could be a really good deal in the future! There are more videos up on YouTube as well. Check them out and leave a comment somewhere if you like what you see. You can find the videos on wstovin’s channel on YouTube or by searching “Edmonton PBR.”
Who do you think will win the 2011 PBR Canadian National Championship?



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