Three Barrels, Two Hearts, DVD Preview

Calgary, AB: I’ve spent a ton of time today building the DVD that I was supposed to have built a long time ago from the Three Barrels, Two Hearts, Celebrity Barrel Race for Brooke Patton back in August. It’s still not done but it’s getting pretty close after about ten hours of so of editing and learning the ways of iMovie on this new Mac I’ve had for a few weeks now.

This is  sample of a video I took using my phone recording off of the computer screen since I don’t yet know how to publish the video any other way since it’s 56 minutes long and who knows how large of a file. It shows a decent preview of what the final product will look like.


If you weren’t at the barrel racing yourself, or missed the story the first time around, here’s the link to it. I’m sure glad I was able to be a part of it. Everyone else had a similar feeling too.

Delburne Celebrity Barrel Race Overwhelming Success for & Brooke Patton

As Corky said, the DVD’s should be ready here in time for Christmas. I’ve got to thanks her for all her help with it and being so patient too since it’s taken this long.

If you’d like one too give me a shout any way you can and I’ll get your name and information wrote down so I can send them out once they are ready for sale.

Have a great weekend everyone!




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