This and That – November 2nd, 2012

Calgary, AB: Today’s been a day with a little bit of everything mixed into it. First thing in the morning, Rodeo Classifieds shared a story about the woman who was injured by the bull at the CFR a couple years ago. I remember being there and thinking it wasn’t good.

She’s now suing Northlands and the CPRA for $450,000 and the Province is suing for $50,000 to cover her hospital bills. I don’t think it’s wrong and I don’t think it’s right either. What I do know is that my half sister Candice used to work as an EMT, she was in the back with a patient and the driver fell asleep apparently and got them in a wreck. My sister broke her pelvis and didn’t get a darn thing for it ever. She’s still not 100% either and that was a couple years ago now. That’s a rough deal for her that no one covered and you wouldn’t want it to happen to anyone anywhere.

My hope in this situation is that it doesn’t become any more of a problem that in needs to be. Anyone buying a seat accepts a certain amount of risk. Things happen unfortunately. The CFR will certainly be another great success this year. By the way, five more days.

Next up today was a story about how the PBR is changing their points system. They are forgetting the money won for the standings and making it all points. The top 35 in the world standings will be posted each Tuesday. From there those top 35 in points will get to make their way to the BFTS. This change should make things more simple for the fans as well as keep the riders going more throughout the summer as now, every single event will count in part towards the World Championship.

Read more about it through this link. 

On a final note before the weekend, Season Four of Hell on Hooves went up for sale on DVD this week. Producer Dennis Hrapchak brought me up a copy of it on Tuesday to Black Tie Bingo. I’ve managed to watch the entire season since then and throughly enjoyed it. For $20, you’re getting your money worth in one episode. That episode I’m talking about is number eight of ten about the Glen Keeley Memorial. If you haven’t seen it yet, buy the DVD and then thank me after. You’re welcome.

With the CFR coming up next week, this is kind of the calm before the storm. Luke Creasy has a year in review article coming our way soon and I’ve got a CD review for the Genuine Cowgirls in the works still too.

Like I added last week, Luke Cummings will be filming the CFCW interviews done on air during the live broadcast by Dianne Finstad and uploading them to the site here as I’ll be working for the CPRA.

It’s sure to be another fantastic CFR. I look forward to seeing you all there and doing my best to keep you all connected the best I can with all the help I’ve now got on my side.




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