The Pomeroy Guitars and Wagons Weekend in Grande Prairie, AB

Grande Prairie, AB: From June 20th to 23rd, 2013 the Pomeroy Guitars and Wagons Weekend will invade Evergreen Park. As mentioned in the title there will be guitars and wagons present, but that’s not all.

Starting with the guitar side of the title, Corb Lund and Matt Patershuk will pick and play, kicking things off on the night of June 20th in the beer gardens. The Friday night lineup has yet to be announced, with Saturday featuring Neal McCoy and BCDC.

“These concerts give us the ability to do a lot more than a lot of people do with their events.” Event organizer Chris Balderson explained on adding big name concerts to these western events during the day and early evening. “I think it’s an interesting concept. People don’t want to go to a fair as much anymore.”

On the wagon side of the title, the Western Chuckwagon Association (WCA) will run wagon races all four nights starting at 7:00pm. You’ll also see Thoughroughbred flat races, throughougbred chariot racing, heavy horse pulling, and barrel racing during the day.

An event not yet talked about will be featured after the wagon races on Friday June 21st. It is to be known this year as the “Guitars and Wagons Pro Bull Invitational.” This event is sanctioned by Bull Riders Canada (BRC), produced by 3D Bullriding Inc. and features $5,000 in added prize money.

“3D Bullriding is looking forward to working with Chris to add another element to his weekend.  The BRC event will add an excellent entertainment value to the Pomeroy Guitars and Wagons Weekend.“ Jason Davidson of 3D Bullriding Inc. added on his company’s involvement of the event. “We look forward to a long lasting relationship with them.”

“I’m excited to work with the BRC.” Chris finished. “All the event participants are really excited about the entire event and we’re excited too.”

Tickets will soon be available at for now you may get them from the Crystal Center Box Office by phone at 780-538-0387



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