The First Ten Things I Thought Of

These random facts have been going around Facebook lately and I thought I should share mine here.

After reading mine here, please share yours in a comment below if you’d like!

1. I never liked English class until the 12th grade. I nearly failed in grade ten and eleven. I’ve got to thank Brenda Prentice for telling me I was a good writer and other for encouraging me to tell my stories as I likely wouldn’t be where I am without that one comment. As it turns out, writing is easy when it’s about something I’m passionate about. The Rodeo Connection published my first article in 2009. Since then I’ve got to write for the Rodeo Connection again along with Horses All, the Canadian Pro Rodeo News and American Cowboy Magazine.

2. I have one full brother, one half brother and three half sisters. I’m not sure if I’m saying that right but we all have the same Dad. You all know him as Stovey. We celebrated his 70th birthday the same day we celebrated Mom and Dad’s 25th Anniversary even though they are both on different days.

3. I think I’ve spent more time one the road than I have at home this year.

4. Tonight is the 118th rodeo or bull riding performance I will have worked this year. I’ve also had 24 other perfs hired out for Everything Cowboy. By the time I leave the NFR I’ll be at 130 for the year.

5. My Mom sent me to a course in Orlando, FL in December of 2010 to build my website. I never thought that five days would be the start of what it is today. I’ve got to thank everyone that has been a part of it and helped along the way.

6. My Mom, Dad, Brother and I are going to Australia this Christmas. Mom has been before but Dad, my brother and I have yet to go.

7. When I’m in Calgary sometimes I go and do yoga or workout at Strong Cowboy Strength and Conditioning Inc. I like the mental aspect of yoga more than the actual physical activity.

8. Also when I’m in Calgary I build Cowboy Hats at Smithbilt Hats Inc. On a Calgary note, I’ve lived there almost two years now.

9. After going to school in Hobbs, NM for two years; Las Vegas, NV for a year and Calgary for a semester I have an Associate’s Degree still from New Mexico but have yet to finish my Bachelor’s Degree. That’s something I plan to finish eventually.

10. At this point I think I’m fine with being done riding bulls. I’m pretty happy finishing off by riding a bull named after my website. I’ve got to thank Raymond Goodman and the Calgary Stampede for naming that bull. I think it’s a fitting way to move on and focus on what’s next.



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