EDMONTON, Alberta – In my opinion, the Canadian Pro Rodeo Championship is still the most prestigious title to win in Canada in the bull riding event. For other events this may be different and others may even pay more. For the fans who follow the sport, the contestants who go down the road each year, as well as the stock contractors, I think seeing those bright lights of Edmonton each November are the highlight of everyone’s year.

Payout wise, there aren’t many rodeos in North America to top the $1.75 million in prize money. With that much money on the line, one would think that $400 wouldn’t be all to make the difference on a Canadian Championship. Three races were closer at points, with the Tie Down Ropers Timber Moore and Morgan Grant within a dollar of each other or the bareback riding only separated by 48 cents , which is what Kyle Bowers led Matt Lait by going into championship Sunday.

No one really knew who had the best shot of winning the Canadian Bull Riding tile going into Sunday. With the way things could go, almost seven different people had a shot at it.

Tanner Byrne, once he got a score on VJV Slash in his final out to seal up the average tile, he thought he had won it. Next up was Scott Schiffner on Franklin Rodeo’s State Trooper. The bull didn’t have the strongest day unfortunately and that could have made the difference. At that point though he thought he had clinched the title. Scott had passed Byrne, but a guy by the name of Chad Besplug won more money in the average and in the round, $400 more, which made him the 2013 Canadian Champion. Chad is now only the 15th man to win two Canadian titles in the bull riding.

Besplug knows now the first one wasn’t a fluke. Dianne Finstad talked to him after winning the title that Sunday in Edmonton.

Chad had an interview with Global Lethbridge recently talking about the win as well.

Personally once again, this may be a bit biased but letting Chad know he won this title was one of the highlights of my year. Things are pretty wild as it is that Sunday afternoon but when I got the message from the media room saying it was official, I had to check twice and ask again if it was for sure.

I walked in the room and all I did was point at Chad and he knew what it meant. In his interview with Curtis Stock, Chad said that was the biggest moment for him, celebrating with his friends and having them all be as happy for him for the win as he was. I still get chills thinking about it.

Congratulations on your second Canadian Championship once again Chad.

For those of you within reach of Chlaresholm Alberta, Chad announced he’s holding a CPRA Bull Riding there on March 8th. Stay tuned for more details and coverage of that event as it’s already coming up soon.

That’s all for the countdown this year, Thank You for being a part of it. Here’s to another great one in 2014!

Ted Stovin



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