The 90 point club for 2014

CALGARY, Alberta — With the best and worst countdowns of 2014 wrapping up here soon I thought I should put this together to recap some of the high marked rides from this year.

In previous years I’ve recapped these best rides however now I see it more fit to recap the biggest moments. To highlight these big rides lets start with a couple 90 pointers on a Wild Hoggs bull called Trendon.

This first one you likely would have seen as it was part of the number three entry on the countdown. It’s Aaron Roy’s 90 point effort on the bull in Saskatoon to win the PBR Canadian Finals in Saskatoon.

Back in May, Scott Schiffner made an identical ride on the bull for the same score to win the Clunie-Cooper Memorial PBR in Prince Albert, SK.

Back in Lethbridge at the Bridge City Chrysler/LA Towing PBR Challenge in the Enmax Center, Tyler Pankewitz made what I think was the best ride all year in Canada on Bringing Sexy Back from the Two Bit Nation.

I’m looking for the footage still but Ty Pozzobon rode the same bull in Cloverdale for a big score. When I track it down I’m adding it too.

Speaking of Ty, his 92 point ride won the Cody, Wyoming Stampede this July. At the time it looked like he had a shot at making the NFR.

More with Ty, Chase Outlaw has won his event in Pozzobon’s hometown of Merritt, BC for the last two years now. This year Outlaw won with this 91 point effort on Team Paige from Franklin Rodeo, the same bull that threw him off last year.

Outlaw also had the highest marked ride in the PBR in Canada in 2014 with his 91.5 on Outlawbuckers’ Bull of the Year, Red Stag to win the Jace Harty Memorial PBR and over $13,000.

The final entry to the 90 point club was one that I probably could have added to the countdown but I forgot about it until I started looking up these top rides. Chad Besplug put on his own bull riding in his hometown of Claresholm, AB in March of this year and took on Big Stone’s Bull of the CFR in a Grudge Match in which even if he rode the bull he wouldn’t win any money. Besplug rode the bull for 91 points and the proceeds went to charity.

The 2nd annual Chad Besplug Invitational takes place on february 28th, 2015.

To not leave out the saddle bronc or bareback, the only 90 point rides I saw in those two events this year came on the back of the same horse. Mucho Dinero from Wayne Vold carried both Jake Vold and Kaycee Feild to some big checks at Strathmore and Calgary in July and August. Vold scored 90.75 and Feild was 92. You’ll see video of Feild’s later today.



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