Super Saturday at the Cloverdale Rodeo

Cloverdale, BC: From Pool A, the following contestants earned their spots for Monday’s Finals.

Bareback: Ty Taypotat, Jason Havens, Ryan Gray and Matt Lait.

Saddle Bronc: Troy Crowser, Sam Kelts, Jim Berry and Dawson Jandreau

Barrel Racing: Sydni Blanchard, Lindsay Sears, Rylee McKenzie and Brittany Fleck

Bull Riding: Tanner Byrne, Skyler McBride, Dakota Buttar and Tim Bingham

On Saturday evening, Pool B Started up. Chandler Bownds highlighted the evening as the last man out making a 90 point ride on the Kesler Bull Turbo Tax as a re-ride after his first bull fell down.

In the Bareback it was Chase Erickson taking on Country Trail for an 88. NFR Qualifier Tyrell Smith won the Saddle Bronc to pick up nearly $3,000 with an 86 on Dark Shadow.

Trula Churchill was the Barrel Racing winner with a time of 15.04 seconds.

See this link below for the full results.

This link takes you to the Rodeo page on the Cloverdale website where you can watch the rodeo live online.

Pool B wraps up this afternoon starting at 2:00pm.



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