Small Spurs Rodeo – Official Results

The Claresholm Agriplex was a busy place this weekend as the future rodeo stars took to the stage to cap off their season. A season of six different dates wrapped up this weekend.

Winners and top five from each event in Claresholm:

Barrels 6 & Under: 1st Lucy Smith, 2nd Quincee Ralph, 3rd Claira McNichol, 4th Lexyss Pighin, 5th Gray Bennett

Barrels 7-8: 1st Kodi Ralph, 2nd Rylee Lichtenberger, 3rd Aubrey Ross, 4th Tacie Tuck, 5th Harleigh Henderson

Barrels 9-10: 1st Cassidy Gordon, 2nd Olivia Walker, 3rd Clay McNichol, 4th Tynell Schooten, 5th Shayanna Scheller


Barrels 11-12: 1st Justise Crombez, 2nd Maysa Powelson, 3rd Molly Smeltzer, 4th Bobbi Henderson, 5th Kaylee Moorhead

Barrels 13-14: 1st Justine Elliott, 2nd Reata Schlosser, 3rd Maddie Bews, 4th Payton Watt, 5th Janae Wilson

Boys Goats 9-11: 1st Denim Ross, 2nd Kale Day Chief, 3rd Cooper Henderson, 4th Cole Blades, 5th Clay McNichol

Boys Goats 12-14: 1st Riley Sibbet, 2nd Orrin Henn, 3rd Walker Long, 4th Colby Holt, 5th Zane Tully

Breakaway Roping 10 & Under: 1st Clay McNichol, 2nd Ty Vaile, 3rd Denim Ross, 4th Houston Long, 5th Cooper Henderson

Breakaway Roping 11-12: 1st Braden Brost, 2nd Austin Scheller, 3rd Kyla Kelly, 4th Avery Aleman, 5th Kaylee Moorhead

Breakaway Roping 13-14: 1st Bradi Whiteside, 2nd Hanna Nunn, 3rd Quinten Taylor, 4th Walker Long, 5th Mike Miller

Girls Goats 9-10: 1st Cassidy Gordon, 2nd Brette Tully, 3rd Tamara Zaugg, 4th Kasha Borsy, 5th Lucy Nunn


Girls Goats 11-12: 1st Kyla Kelly, 2nd Kenda Statham, 3rd Avery Aleman, 4th Paige Tully, 5th Bobbi Henderson

Girls Goats 13-14: 1st Hanna Nunn, 2nd Tatum Wilson, 3rd Bradi Whiteside, 4th Reata Schlosser, 5th Shelby Weltz

Goat Tail Untying: 1st Rylee Lichetnberger, 2nd Lucy Smith, 3rd Tacie Tuck, 4th Claira McNichol, 5th Lexyss Pighin

Goat Tying 8 & Under: 1st Faith Lundberg, 2nd Jenae Blades, 3rd Carly Nunn, 4th Kodi Ralph, 5th Harleigh Henderson

Poles 6 & Under: 1st Lexyss Pighin, 2nd Lucy Smith, 3rd Quincee Ralph, 4th Claira McNichol, 5th Gray Bennett

Poles 7-8: 1st Harleigh Henderson, 2nd Tacie Tuck, 3rd Makeisha Day Chief, 4th Brooklyn Bennett, 5th Paige McNichol

Poles 9-10: 1st Clay McNichol, 2nd Brooke Baehl, 3rd Kasha Borsy, 4th Grace Macza, 5th Cassidy Gordon

Poles 11-12: 1st Kyla Kelly, 2nd Alex McDonald, 3rd Amy Shuckburgh, 4th Justise Crombez, 5th Maysa Powelson


Poles 13-14: 1st Justine Elliot, 2nd Janae Wilson, 3rd Bradi Whiteside, 4th Alli Bodkin, 5th Shelby Weltz

Team Roping Header: 1st Randon Ross, 2nd Try Broderson, 3rd Maddie Bews, 4th Paige Sibbet, 5th Austin Scheller

Team Roping Heeler: 1st Denim Ross, 2nd Kenda Statham, 3rd Walker Long, 4th Rylin Scheller, 5th Hanna Nunn

Steer Riding: 1st Lonnie Phillips, 2nd Keegan Nelson, 3rd Brandon Tetz, 4th Grady Smeltzer, 5th William Barrows

Senior Girls All-Around: 1st Kyla Kelly, 2nd Bradi Whiteside, 3rd Reata Schlosser, 4th Justine Elliott

Senior Boys High Point: 1st Clay McNichol, 2nd Denim Ross, 3rd Randon Ross, 4th Braden Brost

Eight & Under All Around: 1st Lucy Smith, 2nd Rylee Lichtenberger, 3rd Lexyss Pighin, 4th Kodi Ralph

Congratulations to all the competitors.



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