Round Two Draw for the Daryl Mills PBR Invitational

Fort St. John, BC: Below is the draw for today’s second round of the Daryl Mills PBR Invitational along with the bulls those top riders will face in the Championship Round.

1 Jordan Hansen Okotoks, AB 833 Panic Switch L WVR
2 Skylar McBride Madden, AB 790 Stellar L WVR
3 Zac Peterson Velva, ND 822 Indian Turtle L WVR
4 Jake Wilson Australia 904 Animal R KARM
5 Ty Tescher Sydney, MT 981 Shark Bait RB KARM
6 Tanner Girletz Cereal, AB 806 Alcatraz R KARM
7 Zac Peterson #2 Velva, ND 822 T.J. L XTRM
8 Scott Schiffner Strathmore, AB 914 Reese`s Pieces LB KARM
9 Stetson Lawrence #1 Williston, ND 974 Jessie Junction R KARM
10 Fabian Dueck Paraguay 802 Heavy Metal R KARM
11 Dusty Ephrom Kenosee Lake, SK 867 Annette`s Pet LB KARM
12 Poncho Limas Stephenville, TX 715 Loaded L XTRM
13 Cliff Richardson Via Cresford, NSW 10 Drive By RB KARM
14 Ty Patten Buck Lake, AB W822 Rip Tide L XTRM
15 Skeeter Kingsolver Mclouth, KS 667 Little Joe L HOGS
16 Stetson Lawrence  #2 Williston, ND 701 Jim Beam L XTRM
17 Jesse Torkelson Warburg, AB 914 Caramel Crunch R XTRM
18 Justin Lloyd Tisdale, SK 511 Hillbilly Deluxe L HOGS
19 Tyler Pankewitz Ponoka, AB 856 Black Chicago L HOGS
20 Steven Turner Linden, AB 724 Lost Wages R HOGS
21 Justin Siemens Fort St. John, BC 911 E.W.`s Bowness R SKRI
22 Zack Bright Ephrata, WA 6 BoiLynn Hot L SKRI
23 Luke Cummings Water Valley, AB 929 Digging Bombs L WVR
24 Derek Creswell Weatherford, OK 900 Torch Head R WVR
25 Max Fortmuller Millarville, AB 917 Dirty Money L WVR
26 Budd Williamson Ayr, QLD, AUS 736 Sling Blade L WVR
27 Ty Elliott Nanton, AB 866 Bucket List R SWYR
28 Daniel Hansen Caroline, AB 899 Gretzky L SWYR
29 Laine Baze Goldendale, WA 731 Tree Shaker L SWYR
30 Derek Creswell #2 Weatherford, OK 359 Night Time 9 LB SWYR


Championship Round

818 Captain L WVR
991 Mo Banger L SWYR
757 State Trooper R KARM
806 Night Moves L XTRM
818 Morning Breath L HOGS
62 Remington Country R SWYR
400 VJV Slash L WVR
634 Team Paige L KARM
10 Smoke Ring L SKRI
706 Butterfly Effect R XTRM



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