Rio Preto Rodeo April 6-10th 2011

Well to say the least, this has been a pretty crazy couple of days. From Saturday being in Fort Worth, Texas to Las Vegas Sunday Night, then getting a phone call at 5:00 am Monday Moring to head here to Brazil. Not haveing the flight information correct, having to get it all firgured out through email about ten minutes before the books closed. To almost getting left in some town I don’t even remember the name of when the plane I was on landed and I thought it was the end of the line.

I have now been here long enough to have a short nap to catch up a bit before tonight’s festivities. I have an hour to work on my shoulder exercises and be ready to get picked up to head to the coolest bar I have ever seen in my life. We got to meet the President of the Rodeo earlier today and he said it was going to be a great event tonight. I have to give a bit of a talk about the IPR and answer media questions also. It should be interesting since it will all be in Portugese with someone translating. It should make a good story to tell my communications Professor Monday when I get back to school. Maybe she will let me make up my missed assignments through this trip.

I was just on Facebook a bit ago too and found this picture and article. My friend Eugenio Jose wrote this article just a bit after I landed I guess. It was in Portugese so I translated it over here for you all to see. I hope it helps explain more of why I am here.

He landed on the afternoon of Tuesday (08) in Sao Jose do Rio Preto – SP and the corresponding competitive international IPR William “Ted” Stovin. He participates in launch of Black River Rodeo Show, which happens on day 08 at “Villa Conte” in Sao Jose do Rio Preto.
William Stovin
William Stovin represents Canada, studying in Las Vegas in the U.S. and divides his time between studies and international rodeos. In 2010 he obtained the highest score of the season in the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association CPRA. Though young (20 years) “Ted” as he is known already has extensive international experience, has already assembled in Brazil, Canada, Mexico and USA. For the IPR “Ted” participated in the international rodeo of Goytacazes in the state of Rio de Janeiro and Chihuahua in Mexico during the IPR “Open” * World Finals in 2009. He returned to Brazil in 2010 to participate in the final RPI of Brazil and Paulinia Arena Music in October.
Black River Rodeo Show (Rio Preto Against the World)
Turns 06-10 April, will be held for Everest Productions and Events with a TOP Team Cup and stage presence of international competitors from all over the world.
As a result, the Director of IPR in Brazil Tour Tiao Procopio ordered by the board of IPR Brazil the presence of the foreign correspondent William Stovin to consolidate the negotiation has already begun by Tiao, IPR Brazil and Everest.
* IPR “Open” World Finals was the largest ever conducted by the IPR exchange in 2009 and Chihuahua in Mexico. 14 countries were present over sixty competitors to compete in 07 sports.
By José Eugenio

Communications Director IPR

Here is the original article on the IPR Website. Check it out for more information on the IPR also. For any of you contestants reading this there will be many Canadians competing at this event. I am unsure of the selection process right now. But it will be through the CPRA I do believe.

I better get out and get ready to go now though. I hope you enjoy this article. I want to know too, What are some of your international rodeo stories? I know there are some out there. Who else has been to Brazil to rodeo? What about Mexico? Shoot even those of us who have been to rodeos in the United States hae seen different things compared to in Canada. Where are some places you would like to see rodeo in the future?

Leave a comment below I would love to hear from you. Who knows maybe your idea will be true in not too long.



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