#PBRNYC Conclusion – Championship Sunday

New York, NY: Today it concludes, the Monster Energy Invitational at Madison Square Garden. JB Mauney leads the event by a quarter point over Chase Outlaw. Aaron Roy sits in the 12th spot while Ty Pozzobon is in a tie for 19th. Both will need to get a score in order to make the Championship Round. Slade Long said this morning that Aaron has a bull they’ve ridden in all four trips so far on the Built Ford Tough Series.

Check out the day sheet here: http://www.pbr.com/media/4172541/010613_nyc.pdf?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=daysheet&utm_campaign=NYC

It’s on YouTube once again live, check it out right here if you’d like. It starts at 11:00AM MST.

On another note, Zane Lammbert won the Spokane, WA PBR Touring Pro event that wrapped up last night. According to Tanner Girletz on Twitter, Tanner Byrne won third and sixth too. He figures that should get Tanner into Chicago for the BFTS next week too. Stay tuned for more. Hopefully I can track down a video or two.

All this best this afternoon. If you haven’t heard yet either, the NHL is back too.


Update from NYC: Ty Pozzobon comes down early but Aaron Roy will be in the Championship Round after a score of 86 on a bull by the name of Moses.

Aaron Roy finishes the event in New York City only one point back of event winner Robson Palermo in a tie with JB Mauney. Stay tuned later for his event winnings. It should be a bunch. Aaron said back at the PBR Canadian Finals in Saskatoon in November that he wanted to be in that top ten. Chances are he’s going to be able to do just that if he keeps this up.




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