Outlaw Buckers on top at Fourth Annual Friend Futurity

Balzac, AB: It was a fantastic afternoon at the Girletz Rodeo Ranch for the Fourth Annual Friend Futurity. On top of the pack was a two year old black horned right hand spinner from the Outlaw Buckers firm of Ediang, Alberta. Said bull, numbered 107, scored 84.375 points to earn his owners $3,895 in cash payout.

“He was good today.” Told Dwayne Schellenberg in regards to the Plain and Simple calf which helped him pocket some money for some new boots today. There’s nothing Plain and Simple on the dam side of this youngster though. “(107 is out of) a Payment Due cow that also raised a CFR bull called Who’s There. She’s got another three coming four year old that’s gonna start coming down the road this year. She’s a pretty good cow.”

Adding more on the infamous jerk down specialist Dwayne said. “Plain and Simple was seriously bad. He was as scary as they come that I’ve ever seen.”

Referring back to today’s bucker Schellenberg added “He’s got lots of potential. I’m not sure if I’m going to take him the rest of the year. I might take him home for the summer to breed with.”

Dwayne and his Dad, Rod have consistently raised some of the top bulls in Canada for at least the last decade, young bulls like this are likely one of the reasons why.


Kelly Armstrong’s #177 made his way to a tie for the second place finish at 84.25 points.


Allen Shields’ #218 matched that to pick up $2,440 himself.


Wyatt Daines’ #1802 checked in at 84.125 points as the second last bull out on the day to finish fourth.


Last year’s winner, Lorne High of the Flying High Rodeo Company was in the money at fifth with his bull, #132 with an 83.5


Rick Siegel’s of Buck Lake, Alberta rounded out the paying places, tying for sixth with a respectable 83.25


Braithwaite Ranches’ #193, a Big Dog calf according to Tanner Girletz, also caught some of sixth place with an 83.25


Event results.

1. Outlaw Buckers Rodeo Corp.’s #107, 84.375, $3895.00; 2. (tie) Kelly Armstrong’s #177 and Sheilds Rodeo Ranch’s #218, 84.250, $2440.00 each; 4. Wyatt Daines’ #1802, 84.125, $1690.00; 5. Flying High Rodeo Co.’s #132, 83.500, $1,190.00; 6. (tie) Braithwaite Ranches’ #193 and Rick Siegel’s Bull, 83.250, $320.00 each.


From the Fourth Annual Friend Futurity at the Girletz Rodeo Ranch for Double F Rodeo Bulls and the Canadian Bucking Bulls Inc., I’m Ted Stovin. See you all next year at the Fifth Annual Friend Futurity.



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