Delburne Celebrity Barrel Race Overwhelming Success for & Brooke Patton

Delburne, AB: It’s a blessing to be able to live the lives we all live. Something we might all take for granted at times. Last night’s Three Barrels, Two Hearts, Celebrity Barrel Race at the Delburne Arena touched the heart of every single person involved.

Brooke Patton was the guest of honor. For those of you who don’t know Brooke, she is the inspiration behind this promotion of OneMatch. This spring, Miss Patton was in need of a Stem Cell Donor in order for her to survive her battle with Leukemia.

Coraleen Jones was one of many to spread the word that Brooke needed help. There were places to sign up at a a number of rodeos throughout the spring and summer.

In late June, Brooke was found a match. It may or may not have been due to the drives that were done throughout the rodeo community, however we are all forever grateful to that donor and the entire group of people to sign up.

What’s needed is more donors because there are many more people out there like Brooke was, still in search of a match. We owe it back to all the other people for all those out there that helped find Brook’es match.

That’s what last night was about, that and supporting Brooke in her recovery. And without Corky as we know her, the event would have never came to be. Weeks and weeks of works of planning all the night’s events and surprises made it a perfect evening for everyone.

Even more perfect for her daughter Jacey who put up a smokin’ time of 13.46 to take an early lead. This video shows Jacey’s run in the middle of Kennedy Smith, Robyn Armstrong, Justice Crombez, Shelly Creasy, and Lauren McArthur. Robyn Armstrong was the 2D Champion. On one of their ranch horses to boot.


There were a number of entries last night from people who may not usually barrel race. Wyatt Thurston was one of those entries. He was the team captain of “Can Smashers ‘R’ Us.” He smashed his way around the barrels real well after Laurie Bresee, Rhonda Wolf-Wasylowich, and Kelly Fraser ran first in this video.


Janet Schacher and Aileen Wagner went before KG Country’s Tera Lee who was also captain of the “Disc Jockeys”. During the calcutta, she said she would ride if they went up to $1,000. They did and Tera rode.


Doug Goodine was also a member of the “Disc Jockeys” he got a good clean time. He also broke the horse I had to ride right after him so I didn’t have to. Good thing cause I might have fell off otherwise. Niki Makofta, Amber Hines and Coby Auclair go after Doug in the following tape from last night.


A bunch of real barrel racers in Melissa Thiessen, Terry Laye, Kathy Rock, Lindsay Gittens and Hannah Sullivan all made nice runs before I went. Next time I plan to go faster.


“Martha Josey” Twylla Bruhn moved into second place with her run. She helped lead our team, “Clean Sweep” headed by 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist Cori Bartel Morris to the team win. Allie Lait, Carly Northcott, Candace Boxma and Roxy Scalon are also part of this video.


The Goodine Family is one of the most well known Rodeo Families in any of the circles I know. Cole was the only member of the family not running in last night’s event. He probably would have to knowing him. As Kayley said today in a text she was a “crowd pleaser” with this run and wreck she had. It was great to see her laughing as soon as she was back right side up. It was even better to see her give us all the two thumbs up. A person never likes to see these things happen so we sure are thankful you are doing good Kayley. You wouldn’t believe what happened later on either.


Cranna Roberts, currently second in the CPRA, made a solid run for “Can Smashers ‘R’ Us.” Unfortunately they smashed too many cans and didn’t win the team contest.


Shianne Kendze was a member of “Throw the Reins to the Mane” lead by 2006 Olympic Bronze Medalist Mellisa Hollingsworth. Shianne made a solid run to help out her team. Kerilee Noval went after her and moved herself into third place.


Kerilee was a member of Tanner Girletz’s Team “Baffled by Barrels.” This is Tanner “Hitting a barrel to win it” as he said this morning on Twitter.


Tammy Braithwaite starts off this video with a nice run. Second comes Matt Lait. Lait is a Professional Bareback Rider by trade. Last night he showed everyone that he may, or may not be a closet barrel racer. He did write on his profile that he was a full professional barrel racer, and that he was the 2004-2012 Practice Pen Season Leader. The horse he rode was the Guest of Honor’s too. Snorty owned by Brooke Patton. By the look of the way he holds the saddle horn and reins as he rounds the barrels, I think Matt’s no amatuer. Nice work Mr. Lait, nice work.


Kayley Goodine had a rough barrel run last night about mid way through. Usually a broken pattern means disqualification. Kayley wasn’t about to let that happen though. She got back on and made another run to finish off the night. Talk about tough. Way to go Kayley.


Dustin Edwards and I talked a bit about more the event last night in this interview.


Will there be another Three Barrels, Two Hearts Celebrity Barrel Race next year? You be the judge and let us know what you think!

All of us on Team “Clean Sweep” sure hope so!



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