Number Six – Roy Wins 3D Tour Truck and Third PBR Canadian Championship

Drayton Valley, AB: First off, Merry Christmas to you and yours on this day! All the best in the New Year as well.

Back to the countdown in the number six spot for the biggest moments of 2012 is Aaron Roy winning his third PBR Canadian Championship.

When Aaron won the SIGA 3D Bullriding Tour in Lloydminster, SK on Slash, it was as big or a bigger moment that winning the year end title for the third time. You be the judge though. Either way for Aaron, it was a huge year.

By the time he got to Saskatoon there wasn’t much of a chance for anyone to catch Aaron for the title but he rode two of three anyway on his way to finishing the year on top.


Slash hadn’t been ridden many times until this year. When he was rode though it wasn’t anything less than spectacular which you’ll see in the final five of the countdown. In one night in  Lloydminster with Aaron, about $40,000 was won on him when you count in the value of that brand new Ford F-150 and the $5,000 bonus for the 3D Tour.


After the outstanding 2012 SIGA 3D Bullriding Tour, it’ll be interesting to see what happens in 2013. Aaron for one will be looking to repeat as the tour champion. Here he caught up with Dave Poulsen about the win that night.


Aaron plans to be in the top ten in the World in 2013 as he states in his interview after the finals win. He’s been there before and has the desire to get back.


Not included in this story are the videos from all of Roy’s other wins in Manor, Eatonia, Coronation, Prince Albert and probably some others I’ve missed. You can see them over at

Tomorrow we’ll either go on to number five on the countdown or else review some of the worst wrecks of the year!


#EC12of12 recap.

6. Roy Wins Third PBR Canadian Title and 3D Tour Truck

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