News n’ Notes for September 20th, 2012

Calgary, AB: This story was written by Dwayne Erickson for the Calgary Herald. It’s about Sam Kelts and Luke Butterfield on their quest to the NFR. It’s also along got a few words from Kyle Thomson about his winning of the Linderman Award. It’s an award given to a Cowboy that’s won more than $1,000 in three different events including a rough stock and timed event.


For those of you looking for more stories and a wider reach from, you’re in luck. Luke Creasy will be writing for us in the coming months. He’s one of the top Cowboy Artists and Writers in Canada and he’s also one of the top Bareback Riders too. For a storyteller, he’s got some great stuff that hasn’t been heard much before because he doesn’t just write about it, he writes from actually living it.

Hopefully you all enjoy seeing stories from Luke every couple weeks. It’s great to have him be a part of of!



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