New Music on a Thursday & More Cowboy Stuff

Calgary, AB: With this week being a bit slower than usual there’s finally been a bit of time to think about some new things you’d like to see here on Everything Cowboy. All of the bull riding news, videos and interviews are great. The rodeo aspect is also getting better.

Look for an outstanding fall coming your way including coverage of:

  • This weekend’s Wildrose Rodeo Association Finals courtesy of Dustin Edwards
  • Who will win the 2012 SIGA 3D Bullriding Tour Championship Truck on September 29th in Lloydminster, SK
  • The 2012 Foothills Cowboy’s Association Cowboy Classic Finals Winners and possibly more
  • How our Canadian Bull Riders face at this year’s PBR World Finals in Las Vegas
  • Exclusive interviews as they happen from the Canadian Finals Rodeo in Edmonton, AB
  • Results from the Canadian Cowboys Association Finals each night
  • More interviews and in depth coverage from the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, NV
If there’s anything else you think should or could be on here every comment goes directly to my personal email where I will do my best to get back to you.
Today though music seemed like the addition to make. It’s something that’s a big part of our industry and can truly make or break an event.

Corb Lund is as Cowboy as it gets in the music world and he’s one we in Alberta gladly call our own. Recently released, Corb’s “Cabin Fever” from August 14th is currently the Number One Album in Canada according to his website

“Cabin Fever” has 14 tracks including songs like, Bible on the Dash, September, Cows Around, You Ain’t a Cowboy Unless You’ve Been Bucked Off and the first one on the CD, Gettin’ Down on the Mountain.

That’s this week’s and the first of many new tunes to come your way. Only from the best and most suitable for all of you out there.


You can check out the entire album as well as where to “drop a loop on it” as Corb said in his own commercial. I’ll let him tell you more about it in this commercial from the great YouTube.


If you’ve got some music you’d like to send here to Everything Cowboy, shoot me an email over to

I’ll review it and put up something new each week. It may or may not be Thursday’s, we will see as time goes on.

Hope you enjoy this week’s entry.

Best of luck to those of you competing at this weekend’s WRA Finals!

See you all down the road.



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  1. Thanks for the info on Corb’s new album, I had the chance to see him perform in Montana and he put on an awsome show! Would love to see some more info on Canada’s bull riders I’m just now learnin about yall’s rodeo athlete’s! Love the site, and love hearin about the rodeo industry in Canada! Thanks Ted 🙂

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