Nathan Roy Benefit Auction

Bull Rider Nathan Roy was recently in a serious car accident and has been hospitalized with a severe head injury. While Nathan is making some positive gains he has a very long road to recovery. Nathan works very hard to provide for his growing family and we would like to ease some of the financial burden so he can focus on getting better. We will be running this as an online auction. If you have an item (or items) to donate then post a picture on the group page. Include a suggested retail price and then state an opening bid. We will leave the bidding open on the event for one week, so it will close on Monday the 17th. Bidders can place bids in the comment area under the picture. The buyer and donor can then contact one another to arrange pickup or shipping for the item after the close of the auction. We will be setting up a trust account for the Roys on Monday and all payments can be made by cheque to the trust account. The winning bidder will be sent a message with all of the payment details. We would like all items posted by Friday the 14th if possible so each item has a minimum of two days bidding before the close of the auction. We would appreciate your honesty in your bidding as well as the shipping and payment of each item. There will also be the option of depositing cash donations directly to the trust account if you would prefer that.!/home.php?sk=group_189147954429766&ap=1

Above is the link to the page I hope you can take the time to help out.



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