More on Jim Sharp, this one against the infamous Bodacious

Watch 1988 World Champion Jim Sharp make one of the only qualified rides on Bodacious here on Everything Cowboy. This is one song that exemplifies why “If you be bad ass they’ll remember your name” got into a song by Sunny Ledfurd by the name of none other than Jim Sharp. What do you think of this bull ride? Do you think Bodacious would have been ridden more if he were in the PBR, CBR or the PRCA today?

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  1. Laramie

    Personaly I don’t know that much about the bull riding part of the rodeo world but as I am involved in the bucking horses to me this looks like a pretty rank ride. I think that if Bodacious were around today and was being bucked in the PBR or PRCA he would be covered by some of the guys that are ridding in those two rodeo circuits.

  2. Vicki P

    Hi Teddy… I can still call you that can’t Anyway I am enjoying your page. We were there at the 1988 NFR to see Jim Sharp ride all 10 bulls.(well actually we were only there for the last 5 days) It was our fist NFR and he made it sooooooo exciting. As for Bodacious, we watched Tuff Hedeman (sp?)be pulled off of him as the gate opened at the NFR because he didn’t want to get injured again with the plate in his face, and if I am not wrong, Bodacious put it there, Later that week Bodacious knocked out another rider who wore a helmut for that ride. It was Bodacious’s last ride in rodeo and I really don’t believe he would have been rode even in the PBR as he was hell bent on hurting his riders. Gorgeous bull but very dangerous and oh so scarry to watch. We all would hold our breath in the audience when he was being rode.

    Congratulations on your new venture with this web site. Keep up the good work.

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