Montana and Wyoming take home Round Open Roping Title

Lacombe, AB: Shawn Bessette of Great Falls, MT and Sid Sporer of Cody, WY took home the title tonight at the Round Open Roping. A total time of 36.15 seconds on five steers had them a little over a second faster than Clint Buhler and Brett McCarroll.

Bessette and Sporer took home $4,118 a man as there were 132 teams entered. Sporer also won third place at the Round Roping to pick up another $2,698 for a third place finish with Grady Branden.


Kolton Schmidt  and Taylor Brower had the fast time of a 5.56 in the short go to win an extra $250 a man.


Starting things off in the afternoon was a match roping featuring Travis Galais and Rocky Dallyn vs. Kolton Schmidt and Tyrel Flewelling.

Kolton and Tyrel had a total time of 40.98 on five head while Travis and Rocky were 58.40 on five.


Schmidt and Flewelling won their fees to the open section of the roping where there was $3,000 in added prize money up for grabs.

Round Open Roping Payout. June 18th, 2013

1. Shawn Bessette and Sid Sporer, 36.15/5, $4,118 each; 2. Clint Buhler and Brett McCarrol, 37.44/5, $3,408; 3. Grady Branden and Sid Sporer, 40.32/5, $2,698; 4. Justin McCarrol and Jeremy Buhler, 41.30/5, $1,988; 5. Clint Maddox and Mike Beers, 41.73/5, $1,278; 6. Josey Brodoway and Devin Wigemyr, 41.87/5, $710.

Fast Times

First Round: Kolton Schmidt and Don DePaoli, 5.45, $250 each

Short Round: Kolton Schmidt and Taylor Brower, 5.56, $250 each.

A huge thank you goes out to the event sponsors for the added prize money, trophy spurs, trophy vests and helping with the event costs. Thank you to Rockin’ R Enterprises – Roy Anderson, New Tech Investments Ltd. – Lonnie Aaron Aldrich, Icarus Construction Ltd. – Tyler Aldrich, DB Bobcat Services – Danny Beach, Big Block Builders Inc. – Boyd Williams Royal Lepage Life Styles Realty, Circle R Builders Ltd. – Keith and Dustin Round, Dominic Spurs and Silver, Glen Flewelling – Stock and $100 added to Match Roping, Wade Galloway – Stock and Mike Graham.



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