Memories Made in Prince Albert

PRINCE ALBERT, Saskatchewan —  I spent all of last week in Prince Albert splitting my time between the Clunie Ranch in the Max Clunie Coliseum and the Art Hauser Center for the Clunie-Cooper Memorial PBR.


Tuesday and Wednesday Luke Snyder and Jesse Byrne held their bull riding and bull fighting school and I was glad to help with the video replay and review for the students. It was a great school for all involved. Personally, I was interested to learn more about the technical aspects of bull fighting from Jesse.

photo 2

Stetson Lawrence after the Iron Man jackpot Saturday May 3rd at the Max Clunie Coliseum. Photo by Kelley Byrne.


I ended up learning even more about bull riding from Luke along with Tanner Byrne and Chad Besplug, plenty of bull fighting from Jesse and we even watched cameraman Ed Sedgewick climb on a wild steer for his first ever ride. Ed worked on Hell on Hooves and had mentioned he’d always wanted to get on one so it happened Wednesday night. He stayed on for a while. I’m sure that video should surface here soon.


Thursday we had a day off and got ready for the event on Friday and Saturday nights. Scott Schiffner left as the leader after Friday night. Saturday morning we all went back to the Clunie Ranch and the Max Clunie Coliseum for the Iron Man competition.


In previous years, Rusty and his crew had mounted us all up and we roped for real. His year we roped the Heel-O-Matic, likely for safety reasons. However all safety went out the door when the next event came along. The top three teams in the team roping made the short go which entailed each member of the team chute dogging the same steers that were used in the school earlier in the week. In fact, one of the steers was the same one Ed got on.


Afterwards we all were invited upstairs for a steak for lunch cooked by Rusty himself.

photo 1

Bull riders, an announcer, bull fighters, others and Tayze Pankewitz riding the roping dummy at the Max Clunie Coliseum following the Iron Man Jackpot Saturday May 3rd. Photo by Kelley Byrne.


There aren’t many events we go to in a year where we are treated this much like family. We all sure appreciate it and look forward to coming back once again next year!



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