Well with the World Junior Hockey Championships wrapping up last night in Buffalo, NY I figured that I should make a post about it. I was pretty disappointed to see our team end up with that outcome but it happens and we all get over it. The best part about sports is that they are all unpredictable. What fun would they be if you already knew the exact outcome? I know we lost but how many times have you been in the same situation? I don’t think I know anyone who has never lost. Losing is what makes you stronger in the long run. The easy road isn’t what makes a person great at something.

So now that I’m done with that rant, I think a more fun part of this story came from a post on Facebook last night from bull rider Devon Mezei. He said this in a post referring to Canada’s loss to Russia in the Gold Medal Game: “Ive seen this happen in beer leauge when we shot gun to many beers between the 2nd and 3rd periods and blow it. Comon.” I was having a beer or two myself at the time with Chad Pighin when I read that and had to show it to him. He thought it was great and told me I had to put it on here today when I got the chance. Chad said the he would have kept the game puck and put it where a guy could look at it every day and think “I never want to feel that disappointed ever again.” “Now that is something to fuel the fire to win the rest of your life” Chad added. I know Chad, Devon and myself have all had these hockey games before and everyone else who has played hockey competitively before probably has too. It’s also happened to us all in the bull riding arena. And probably you too somewhere. It happens, and it usually makes for a really good story.

Devon just happens to be one of the best bull riders in Canada too. I figured I should put a video on here of him twisting one. This video below is one where Devon makes probably the hardest 79 point rides ever in the history of bull riding. But I’m not a judge, what do you think about the ride? And even better what are your thoughts about the hockey game?



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  1. I live in Buffalo, and we were just happy that the city didn’t get torn down when Canada lost. That was a very tough loss for Canada. But at least you can take comfort in the fact that you won the Olympics, though now you have a better idea of how the US felt when we lost the gold medal there. 😉

  2. Sharon D.

    Devon did a good job. He stuck to ride. The cowboy can’t control how the bull goes (darn), but if this one hadn’t traveled so far and gotten right into his spin I’ll Devon would have gotten a better score. Next time, Buddy.

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