3 January 2015

By Ted Stovin

First off, thank you for following along with this year’s countdown of the worst wrecks and biggest moments of 2015. Secondly, there were a few moments, wrecks and posts that didn’t really make the countdown but sure could have.

Like this picture from the Calgary Stampede this year where you can see the knife Jesse Byrne is cutting Scott Schiffner’s rope with that his spur is stuck in.

Or the tweet some of you may have seen from my good friend John Windwick about the CFR.


A quick bit of research found that Devon Mezei, Tanner Byrne and Chad Besplug were part of the 90 point club this year. I think this ride of Zane Lambert’s though checking in at 89.5 could beat them all. Sound track is decent too.

Then there are these few wrecks, or the wreck of a night Travis Warburton had in Perdue, SK.

Mike Ostachek hung up for days.

Or probably the most peculiar where Jordan “Pancake” Hansen gets flipped like a pancake you could say. Totally nailed the landing too.

That’s all I’ve got for 2015! Thanks again for following along. Here’s to 2016!



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