“He can make the most out of every situation”

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McCoy’s wife anxious about alliances on ‘The Amazing Race’

ADA, Okla. (March 15, 2011) – For Sara Best-McCoy, seeing her husband Cord McCoy on the back of a yak last Sunday was like watching the PBR in slow motion.

“But that’s right up their alley,” she said of Cord and his brother Jet’s experience in China on the fourth episode of the CBS series “The Amazing Race.”

As she and the McCoy family continue watching every week (Cord and Jet, like all the other participants, are strictly forbidden from disclosing the results to anyone), Best-McCoy said she recognizes a lot of the travel traits in her husband, whom she married just days before he left to film the 18th season of the reality show.

In fact, on Wednesday, she and Cord will be back on the road, driving from their home in Ada, Okla., to Houston for the final weekend of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

McCoy is competing as a PBR invitee in the bull riding on Thursday night. A qualified ride will secure a spot in Saturday’s short round and a chance to win $50,000. Should he buck off, he’ll be back for the wild-card round on Friday.

“Cord’s a very easy traveler,” she said. “He doesn’t need a fancy hotel or anything like that, and if he gets tired, he doesn’t mind just pulling over on the side of the road and sleeping for a few hours. So the race and that aspect of it … there are some rough nights where Cord would say they would sometimes sleep on a street bench.

“He can make the most out of every situation that comes his way, whether he’s running late or short on money.”

Before Cord left for the race, Best-McCoy told him that she thought he and his brother would be one of the strongest teams in the competition, but it’s also become apparent that some of the other teams are forming alliances with one another.

“I really felt like the other teams would be out to get them,” she said. “Cord and Jet are just racing the race as equal and fair as can be. That’s the other thing that makes me nervous are those other teams that maybe aren’t so good: They’re teaming up with other teams.

“Cord and Jet haven’t done that yet and I don’t think they will, so we’ll see what happens.”

Best-McCoy is one of three McCoy family members sharing her thoughts about each week’s episode with PBR.com. Her entire interview can be heard here.

—by Keith Ryan Cartwright



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