Calgary, AB: I meant to write this yesterday after we crossed the mark of 500,000 views all time on YouTube. Better late than never. I think my first video was published around the middle of December in 2010. Within the first year we had just under 70,000 views, in 2013 things went real well and there were 319,219 views on the Everything Cowboy Videos.

Thus far in 2013 in just over three months we are already at 112,215 views. About 15,000 of those have come from one video alone. Thank you to Steve Turner once again for that one.

In the big scheme of things some people get half a million views in a minute on those really big viral videos. This might not be as big of a milestone to others.

That being said I hope these videos are helping out our sport and get to be those most watched videos at some point. I appreciate everyone who’s sent videos or taped for me at an event. As well as everyone in them too.

Have a great day everyone. Thanks for making this happen.

Next up, one million.

Ted Stovin



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