CALGARY, Alberta – “I think you helped me on my last bull.” That was the first thing Aaron Roy told me this summer when I went to visit him at the Foothills Hospital in Calgary a few days after his wreck at this summer’s 101st Stampede.

After holding back a tear or two as best I could, we got to talking. I was glad at that point Chad Pighin was there to keep going while I got myself back together.

Going back to July 11th, Aaron was up against a bull from Curtis Sawyer called Gretzky. Things started off pretty good but the bull hit his head on the chute when he turned back. From there Aaron got tipped a bit and landed kind of right on top of his head and shoulders. The bull stepped on him right in the ass basically with one foot and the side of Aaron’s face with the other.

The resulting blow left Aaron sitting him against the chute, not really moving. We all knew at that point things weren’t good. Up to that point, Roy hadn’t had any real serious injuries. This wreck left him with a broken back and a broken jaw.

Surgery would be needed to insert two steel rods in his back, one on each side of his spine.

After months in the hospital and numerous rehab visits, Aaron is walking again. I saw him Saskatoon at the PBR Canadian Finals and I thought he looked great for what had happened. A few days later he accepted his fourth Glen Keeley Award at the PBR World Finals in Las Vegas.

Within the next month, Aaron and his wife Hallie will welcome a new baby into their lives. This is what is next for their family.

A few weeks ago Aaron and I caught up again about his life in the arena too. He said eventually he will try riding a horse and see how things go from there. If that feels good, he will potentially ride bulls again. It all depends on each step and how things go.

It’s nearly unbelievable news as the severity of his back injury could have been far worse. There are still no sure answers but only about two weeks before he got hurt, Aaron was 92 points on one of the best bulls in the PBR, a bull called Buck Wild from he C’N Stars Bull Company in Sidney, MT.

Whether or not Aaron Roy gets on the back of another bull won’t change who he was or what we think of his career. You were and always will be one of, if not the best bull rider ever from Canada Aaron.

We’re glad you’re on your way back to 100%.

All the best in the coming months with the arrival of yours Hallie’s new baby, here’s to 2014.



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