Geiger Highlights Rumble with Back to Back 90 Pointers

Calgary, AB: Dusty LaValley, Rylan Geiger and Scott Schiffner are your winners on night two of the Calgary Roughstock Rumble. Rylan Geiger highlighted the evening with back to back 90 point rides. Scott Schiffner out did him score wise with his 91.5 in the short go.

All 15 contestants in each event took on their matches in the long go. From there, the riders with top five scores in the long go were brought back for the short go where the money was all paid out.

Enjoy the highlights and interviews below. Check out the Everything Cowboy YouTube Channel for a few more highlights from last night at



1. Dusty LaValley on Vold’s 73 True Grit, 87, $10,000; 2. Ty Taypotat, 85, $3,500; 3. Reid Rowan, 84.5, $1,200.


Saddle Bronc

1. Rylan Geiger on Vold’s 42 Eclypse, 90, $10,000; 2. No other qualified rides.


Bull Riding

1. Scott Schiffner on Vold’s 33 Turn Me Down, 91.5, $10,000; 2. Beau Brooks, 87, $3,500; 3. Ty Elliot, 86, $1,200.




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