Gardner to Run in this Weekend’s Underwear Affair

Arrowwood, AB: Canadian stock contractor Nate Gardner of Rafter G Cattle Co. will be running around in his underwear this weekend. Although this may not be completely surprising, this time the cause is an important and potentially lifesaving one. “The Arrowwood Agriculture Society and the committee for the Buffalo Hills Bull Riding asked me to be a part of the Underwear Affair in Calgary, and I’m stoked I am around to be a part of it” Nate stated. The Underwear Affair is a huge fundraiser for supporting the research for a cure to below the belt cancers such as Prostate, Colon and Ovarian. “I’m not sure I knew we had to bomb around in my underwear when I agreed to do it, but what the hell, the cause couldn’t be a better one”.

Nate’s father in law was diagnosed with cancer almost two years ago. “It was a really spooky deal, it looked at times pretty grim. The Dr’s told him that had he had this cancer five years ago, he wouldn’t have survived, the understanding and procedures just weren’t there. The fact that someone took the time to fundraise back then, in my mind, plays a huge part of him being alive today. I’m tickled to say his prognosis is extremely good, and life is getting back to normal” The Underwear Affair takes place in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton, Calgary being this Saturday. “It’s pretty un real, there are hundreds of teams all dressed up in their skivvies, either walking or running 10KM”.

From the Underwear Affair’s official web page; In Alberta, 33% of diagnosed cancers are “underwear” cancers. Participants in the Underwear Affair have the opportunity to make a personal difference in the fight against cancers, which occur below the waist. Funds raised from the Underwear Affair are immediately put to use supporting breakthrough research and discovery of new cancer therapies, through the Alberta Cancer Foundation, at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, Cross Cancer Institute and 15 other centers across Alberta.

“Cancer is an evil buggar, and it’s scary when you think about how many people you know that are affected by it. They have set us up with fundraiser web pages, and I’m grateful to you Ted for taking an interest and calling me about this”

If any of the followers to Everything Cowboy would like to donate to the cause, you can click here and look up Nate Gardner to pledge.

This year’s Buffalo Hills Bull riding in Arrowwood, AB is June 26th at 7:00pm! for more information check out their page on the Bull Riders Canada website here.



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