Foul Play Sold to Jeff Robinson and Bar 3D Bucking Bulls

Slade Long of wrote this today in his “In the Bull Pen” article this morning for Fresno, CA

Robinson left Tacoma with a new bull on his trailer ― he bought Darin Eno’s 701 Foul Play. Foul Play has been one of the best bulls in Canada for a while, and he’ll be seeing a lot more of the U.S. with Jeff.

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Darin told over a text message “He deserves to be with the best of the best.” When asked about Foul Play and his sale.

The highest bull score in Canada in 2012 was recorded on 701 Foul Play in Eatonia, SK on a hot August evening there. 46.5 points were awarded in this launching of North Dakota Bull Rider Stetson Lawrence.



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