Everything Cowboy’s Worst Wrecks of 2012

Drayton Valley, AB: These aren’t the nicest videos to watch. Some might make you want to look away. One thing you should remember about this is all of these guys went on to ride again.

These wrecks are kind of like the wrecks in Nascar or the fights in hockey. Most people aren’t out to watch these when they come to a bull riding but they are the most viewed when it comes to the PBR on YouTube. Hopefully you all enjoy watching them.

There’s not really any way to rank them. It’s sort of just mayhem the whole way through. Not that kind of mayhem you see on those insurance commercials either.

Here goes nothin’

2012 CCA Champion Teagan Hodgson hit heads with the Wild Hoggs bull Little Joe in Manor, SK in July.


The Jace Harty Memorial Bull Riding in Ponoka, AB each June has an event called bull soccer. When you talk about mayhem, it’s full of it. A crowd favourite. Apparently an online hit too!


Tanner Byrne got hung up real bad in Ottawa. You’ve probably already seen this one but ya, here it is again. If you missed it previously in the countdown, Tanner got on again about twenty minutes after this in the Short Go.


Langham, SK on August 17th was a pretty rough night on bull riders. Kyle Lozier probably had the worst looking wreck but made it out of it in not bad shape.


As you can see in this video, Kyle is out and opening chute gates within a few minutes of that wreck. Talk about a great guy and that you probably don’t want to mess with if he can handle a beating like that and keep on going. Beau Hill is the victim here and gets hung up and luckily, or not so luckily, tossed in the air to get un-hung up.


As the last man out on the night, Tyler Pankewitz got drilled by Calgary Stampede’s Pawn Star. It didn’t look that bad at the time but Pank sat out until the CFR after this night because this hit ruptured his spline.


Mike Lee got launched about six weeks ago at the PBR Canadian Finals in Saskatoon by Girletz’s Diego. I’m going to go ahead and say Lee should have been moving a little faster.


I hadn’t shared this video much before but people saw it anyway. I feel proud for surviving this one. It may or may not be one of the reasons I didn’t ride a whole bunch this year. I’m dam sure not done yet though for anyone wondering.


Scott Schiffner got wiped out by Even Money in Armstrong, BC at the Canadian Pro Rodeo Tour Finals. You don’t see Scott get in too many bad spots now. One thing you will see at any Calgary Stampede event where Raymond Goodman is flanking is him jumping over the back of the chutes to help a guy out. Thanks Raymond! On that same note thanks to all the great bullfighters out there for the great year. Hopefully when I understand more about it and get some help I can put together the best saves of the year.


Ty Pozzobon on the contrary, makes the wreck tapes on a fairly consistent basis. This time he was run over by Beaver………

Not a real one though, this one is owned by the Calgary Stampede and made his first trip to the NFR this month.


For the finale, Ty Pozzobon got himself into an arm wrestling match in Saskatoon at the PBR Canadian Finals. It wasn’t really a wreck but it’s quite embarrassing. You could called it a wreck too. Your call.


We’ll resume the countdown tomorrow with number five on the list of the top moments of 2012!



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