Everything Cowboy’s New Logo

Calgary, AB: I’m currently working on getting a logo made for the first time for Everything Cowboy. It’s got to be able to work on the web in print and I’d like it to work for embroidery too. New designs can be submitted right up until Friday Morning at 10:00am.

If you have any idea, you can sign up for 99Designs.ca and make one yourself as BJ Normand did the other day.

These are the best so far in my opinion. I look forward to hearing your thoughts in helping me pick the best ones or help in creating some that haven’t been thought of yet.



Which numbers do you like the best? Are there any of them that should be changed or tweaked?

I’m not looking to re-do the site entirely, I’m hoping this new logo will help to brand and grow the site and all it includes.

Thank you,




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