Durazo Wins Hillbilly Stomp – Marks Wins Camper

DELBURNE, Alberta – The Hillbilly Stomp in Delburne was host to some tough competition that fought it out for a chance to take home a brand new camper.

Forget those home lotteries, Shay Marks entered up and won himself that brand new camper via Elnora and here in Delburne.

“It feels good to win,” Marks said after coming down from three different bulls on Friday Night. “I’m kind of upset about the bull riding yesterday but the camper made it a little better.”

Having a truck would help Marks take his first home on the road. For now, he’s got some help from his brother.

“No I don’t have a truck, my brother does. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with it yet.”

Valued around $5,000, the rig saves a pile on hotel rooms throughout a year.

“I’m just gonna wait and see what happens, It’s a pretty nice camper. It’s a good deal, it really helps. I really appreciate them putting it up and all the sponsors on it,” Marks finished

Coming out on top last night was Edgar Durazo who scored 87 points in the Short Go on Minion Stuart from Ellie Skori. Durazo was the only man to ride both after a 78 in the long go.


Scott Schiffner and Ken Siemens tied for second and third place. Siemens had difficulties in the chute in the Long Go. After a few close calls, he finally nodded his head and managed to rake in 86.5 points on a three year old named Backwards from Curtis Sawyer.


Schiffner redeemed himself from the Long Go and proved why he’s one of the best when he scored 86.5 points on top of China White from Reg Jensen in the Short Go.


Cody Coverchuk and Rosendo Ramirez tied for fourth and fifth with an 82.

Community support was evident at the event with plenty of people bidding on silent auction items and lots of action in the Calcutta. Overall, it was another successful PBR in the books.


Official Results

Long Go: 1. Ken Siemens on Sawyer’s 181 Backwards, 86.5, $377.40; 2. (tie) Cody Coverchuk and Rosendo Ramirez, 82, $235.87 each; 4. Edgar Durazo 78, $94.35; 5. Beau Brooks 68

Short go: 1. Edgar Durazo on  87, $377.40; 2. Scott 86.5, $283.05; no other qualified rides. $141.52 each ground money.

Aggregate and Total Money Won: 1. Edgar 165 on two, $2,191.03; 2. (tie) Scott $1,341.86 and Ken Siemens, $1,294.69, 86.5/1; Cody $624.80 and Rosendo, 82/1 Beau Brooks, 68, $214.81



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