Rapid City, SD: I’m now actually in Oklahoma City but I figured I should still share these videos from the ride down when we stopped in Rapid City. I caught a ride here with Miles Pennington and Kyle Loudon they will be down here a couple weeks going to Fort Worth, TX; Los Fresnos, TX; Tucson, AZ; San Angelo, TX and Lake Charles, LA. I see both of them doing well.

Devon Mezei was also in South Dakota on Friday. He and Miles didn’t have any luck there that night but after two re-rides Tanner Byrne got himself into the Short Round with this ride:


Douglas Duncan started out the long go with an 88 and finished on top.

In the short go, the Colorado Cowboy Patrick Geipel made this ride to start things off and take the lead.


Brent Mentz made his way to a tie for the lead with this ride on the Burns Bull Kid Twist:


With 88 points coming in Douglas Duncan needed only 80 points to take the lead. He did much more than that on the New Frontier NFR Bull Grey Squirrel:

Prince Albert, SK’s Tanner Byrne finished the event in 5th place. Look for Tanner to win a ton of money at these events in 2012! With this money he should make his way into the Top 25 or so with the money won.

On that note, this was just posted on Facebook tonight on the page for the Luke Snyder and Jesse Byrne Bull Riding and Bull Fighting School that will take place in April!

Get signed up now! Luke Snyder moves to number 1 in the PBR world standings after night one of the sacramento BFTS!!! learn from literally the best’s in the WORLD!!! Do not Miss out on this Great Opportunity in both Bull Riding and Bull Fighting aspects! to be the best learn from the best!



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