Creasy’s Plans for the 2012 Season

Creasy’s Plans for the 2012 Season

By Kate Fullerton

College Station, TX: Right before Luke Creasy bears down, grits his teeth and nods for the chute gate, time slows.

Creasy takes in a deep breath, gets a feel for his body and the horse underneath him, then visualizes the bareback ride ahead.

Numerous rodeos and 8-second rides stand in front of this eager bareback rider, who is ready to make 2012 one for the books.

If its sports, academics or personal goals every one strives to be the best. Creasy, 23, has the mind set and goals to become the No.1 cowboy in the world.

“I see this as a profitable year, when lining your goals out its best to aim high; I’m shooting to make the National Finals Rodeo, win five major rodeos, and win the Canadian Bareback Championship,” said Creasy.

Creasy, a native Albertan, has been riding bareback horses for eight years, but has only held his Professional Rodeo Cowboy’s Association card since 2008.

Entering 90 rodeos in the 2011 season was a lot to go to said Creasy. However 2011 didn’t leave Creasy empty handed.

“Not sure what I would consider my largest accomplishment … 2011 Rodeo Austin champ, 2011 Turquoise circuit champ and the 2011 Canadian Wrangler tour finals champion,” said Creasy.

For the 2012 season, Creasy plans to make some adjustments from last year, like only entering 80 rodeos.

“I’m going to focus on big money rodeos, and not trying to squeeze too many small rodeos in, just ‘cause I can,” said Creasy. “Last year me and the guys I travel with hit too many rodeos and didn’t have a good shot at the big rodeos because our schedule was all messed up and over burdened.”

Achieving the goals Creasy set for himself doesn’t only depend on his abilities, but on the bareback horse he will draw at each event he enters.  Drawing the right horse is a huge part of how the ride ends up, said Creasy.

“You can dress up a lesser horse, or screw up a great one and still place, but if the right guy draws the right horse it’s game over for everyone else,” said Creasy. “Nothing is set in stone though, having a good draw helps but consistently riding everything to the best of your ability is how you pull ahead.”

In order to cash-in at the rodeos, not only does the bareback rider and horse need to make a superb ride but the rider must try to remain healthy throughout the rodeo season. In a sport where every time you climb onto a bucking horse you’re at a risk of a concussion, broken bones, cuts and hang ups. Creasy said it’s hard to keep yourself as healthy as possible throughout the year.

It is not if you get hurt and beat up, but more of when it will happen in bareback riding. When you get hurt, you need to take the time off until you’re healthy enough to ride again, or you will start developing bad habits to adjust to your injury, explained Creasy.

“My worst injuries were a broken left elbow and broken jaw,” said Creasy


Looking from the outside in, the life of a rodeo cowboy is often seen as easy and glamorous, but Glamorous was not the first thing Creasy had to say about the lifestyle.

“It is a lot of miles and sleepless nights, hopping into a vehicle to go to the next one, when your body says no more,” said Creasy. “When you win one day you feel golden but it doesn’t take long to get humbled or broke from fuel, airlines, hotels and entry fees.”

Despite everything, cowboys still head down the rodeo trail all aiming for the same thing, a world championship.  Creasy plans on putting his whole heart into making the NFR this year, not letting anything stand in his way.

“I will make the NFR this year, because you can’t keep a squirrel out of a tree in timber country,” laughed Creasy.

Sitting 35th in the world, and the rodeo season just beginning, Creasy knows that a lot can happen from now until the NFR in December.

“Aggressiveness is the key to bareback riding, hesitation is the downfall of a ride, trust your instincts, react, don’t think because there is no time for thinking,” said Creasy.

I hope you all enjoyed this article from Kate. It works out really well as it’s a great introduction to Kate as well as Luke who will also be writing for Everything Cowboy here in 2012. Since Kate is in Texas as well for University are there any other events or people you’d like to hear from that she could write about?

I’d sure like to expand the site here and make it bigger and better. I’m always looking for ideas! Happy Valentines Day to you all as well.

Also, if you are looking to see some PBR action in Alberta this weekend too there are two events you can make it to. Here’s a story about Friday night’s event:

Canadian PBR Tour in Vermilion this weekend

From the Vermillion Standard

See you all in Vermillion and Edmonton this weekend!




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