Cowboys Win Big at Roughstock Rumble

Calgary, AB: From night number one of the Calgary Roughstock Rumble, here are your champions. If you’re anywhere near Calgary or within driving distance you’ll want to make your way down here to catch tomorrow’s rumble throw down.

Tonight, Kyle Bowers, Dustin Flundra and Ty Elliot were the big winners. All a guy had to do was get into the short go, from there the top score won the money.

Enjoy the highlights and interviews below. Check out the Everything Cowboy YouTube Channel for a few more highlights from last night at

Tomorrow night Denver Daines kicks off the show once again at 7:00pm.


1. Kyle Bowers on C+’s 709 The Graduate, 86, $10,000; 2. (tie) Ky Marshall and Dusty LaValley, 83, $2,350.


Saddle Bronc

1. Dustin Flundra on C+’s CY47 Kissin’ Kate, 85, $10,000; 2. Sam Kelts, 80, $3,500; 3. Rylan Geiger, 79.5, $1,200.


Bull Riding

1. Ty Elliot on Northcott’s 432 Mocassin Bead, 86, $10,000; 2. Zane Lambert, 84, $3,500; no other qualified rides.




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  1. Les McIntyre

    GOOD STUFF Ted!! This is a great website! I really appreciate it..It’s going to be a huge asset to me this season.It,s so good to finally have somebody that knows something about rodeo that has been there and knows how to conduct a good interview with intelligent questions for a change.You and Dwayne Erickson are the best!!Thank you so much!

    1. Thanks Les! I sure appreciate that you like and use my site. I am honoured to even be mentioned in the same sentence as Dwayne too. I look forward to another great year with Everything Cowboy and helping grow, build and promote our sport!

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