Cowboy Stories: The Cowboy Hat Trade

Abbotsford, BC: This story comes to us a from Professional Steer Wrestler Chance Butterfield that he shared last week on Facebook.

So as I am checking out of my hotel in Abbotsford, this gentleman from Turkey comes out of no where and starts talking to me in some pretty broken English. As he is talking to me he grabs my cowboy hat (as shown in my profile picture) off m.

y head an inspects it. My New Turkish friend then starts shooting off prices in hopes of buying my hat just to have me respond “it’s not for sale”(I have had the hat for 2 years and loved it even though it was just a 6x felt). Finally after getting his $300 offer shot down, he pulls off what appeared to be a gold ring, puts it in my hand, puts my hat on his head, and says “no change”I was honestly caught too off guard to say “no” and “please give me my hat” so here I am with this ring that I have no idea if its $10 or $1000 in value.Dave Gibson snapped a picture of this guy before he took off with his prize.

When I first got it appraised they said it was 18 karat and worth $2,000 to $3,000. The second opinion I got said it was only worth $400, so it was an even trade.

I haven’t sold it yet but I’m planning to get it to my Grandpas wife who is a jeweler in Williams Lake. I’ll take it to her somtime so she can finalize the value on it.

Makes for a pretty good story!



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