Cowboy Photo of the Month

Drayton Valley, AB: Chad Besplug had the idea the other day that I should have a “Photo of the Month” on here. It seems like people are into taking pictures to share more and more so I think it’ll work.

With the success of sites like Instagram, or The Chive which Chad Thomson told me about back in October, I think the Chad’s might be on to something with your participation.

To start it off, I’ll offer up the first thing with an Everything Cowboy logo that I get made here in the next while to the first month’s winner. I’m not sure what it’ll be yet but it’ll be sweet.

It can be anything you think would win within reason and appropriateness (Devon Mezei). Speaking of Devon, the picture of his van would have been a contender back in the summer.

Your entry could be from an event, while you were travelling, competing, spurring one, roping one or anything else you can think of. Again, within reason.

So start sending in those photos and if it’s close I’ll share the top entries to be voted on.

Send them to to get yourself entered.

We will give away the first prize this time next month. January 2nd, 2013. That should work!

Looking forward to your entries.



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