Corb Lund: Las Vegas, NV Tonight!

I’m ready for this show tonight. Corb Lund and The Hurtin’ Albertan’s are going to be in Las Vegas tonight to do a show just down the road from my school. (UNLV) What could be better than that? I haven’t even got to see them that many times back home. Anyway, I’ll be sure to get some pictures from the show tonight and maybe a video or two to put up tomorrow. Anything I need to show up with at the show tonight? Besides my Canada sweater and my cowboy hat?

I think this is my favorite song and music video from Corb and the Hurtin Albertan’s so far.

Here’s Corb Lund with The Devil’s Best Dress:

If you are looking for where these guys will be in the next while chekc out the link below. These are Corb Lund’s tour dates for the next couple months. Get your boots on and get out there to have some fun!



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