Cole Young Wins Vernon BRC

Vernon, BC: Cole Young did all the winning yesterday afternoon at the Vernon Bull Riders Canada Event. He did’t only win the Short Go and event title but he even stayed on the $500 Bounty Bull too.

Wade Marchand told that the event was a great success. That’s great to hear as this event is now in it’s second year and growing. Wade also sent along these videos of Cole’s Short Go and Bounty Bull Rides.

Vernon was the third event of the 2013 Bull Riders Canada Season. Next up is Byemoor, AB on Friday April 19th. Check out for more information and the payout for the results posted below as it becomes available.

Long Go: 1. Kyle Primeau on Coyote Creek Rodeo’s Tin Tin, 82.5; 2. Josh Birks, 82; 3. Justin Lloyd, 81; 4. Reid Lozier, 80.

Short Go: 1. Cole Young on Coyote Creek Rodeo’s Duke Nukem, 84.5; 2. Chad Eneas, 82.5; 3. Justin Lloyd, 73.

Bounty Bull: Cole Young, $500.


Cole Young rides Coyote Creek Rodeo’s Duke Nukem for the Short Go Win with an 84.5


Young rides the the Bounty Bull, Coyote Creek Rodeo’s Big Slim for a $500 bonus.


Talk about a good addition to a bull riding, The Ring Of Fear looks like it was pretty fun to watch. Those guys took quite the hits for a shot at $200 and a Jacket too. Well deserved!



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  1. Misty young

    Thanks for posting! I wish I could have been there to watch my son. Just 4 months ago Cole had a bad bull riding wreck and was lucky enough to be sporting a neck brace instead of the unimaginable. My fear of course was that he would ride again, and it all seems so soon to me. I’m very proud of the strength, courage, and heart that he has, and couldn’t be more proud of his success he continues to show!

  2. Great comment and a fantastic young man you have raised! It was great to meet him and other young, talented rides in Vernon over the weekend. Buy that was a fantatic event on all accounts! Thanks to Ted as well for his passion and dedication to the sport or rodeo and bullriding. This website has helped a new Association gain credibility and respect in a short period of time thanks to the timely reports, video and stories!

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