Canadian Cowboy Downhill Ski Race and 10,000 views

Calgary, AB: Ryan Patterson told me today via a text message that the video of Steve Turner getting thrown off in the Team Roping at the Ultimate Cowboy Challenge had been shared on Facebook by both the Road to the Horse and the Western Horseman. I didn’t believe him until I check it out and saw that the views had more than doubled since I had last checked. It’s up over 10,000 now.

Steve and many other top cowboys, along with myself and my brother were out snowboarding today at Sunshine Village near Banff, AB when we figured out the news over supper. My hope it that the video can make it’s way to being viral and getting onto shows like Tosh.0 with Daniel Tosh  or Ridiculousness with Rob Dyrdek. It’s for sure got the comedy level. Steve said he’s be up for talking about it too. When you’re a Three Time Canadian pro Rodeo Association All Around Champion, you have to laugh at an event like this.


At the start of the day on the hill I had the idea that we should have an all cowboy ski race. Since we were such a big group though we ended up getting split up and it never ended up happening. I shared it tonight though on Facebook and there sure seems to be some interest. If you’ve got any ideas on it or where a person should hold it, please contact me, Ted Stovin by phone or email at 780-542-1638 or

Even better, if you run a ski hill and would be willing to help hold the event, give me a shout. If a wreck like Steve’s can get 10,000 views, how many might a cowboy ski race get?

On another note, all three Canadian Bull Riders on the PBR’s BFTS came down early from their bulls in Chicago, IL. Round Two and the Championship Round go tomorrow afternoon.




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