Hockey and Rodeo Great Combo at Glencross Charity Roughstock Invitational

INNISFAIL, Alberta — Kyle Bowers, Sam Kelts and Scott Schiffner earned the one-year lease of a new Ram Truck thanks to Mountain View Dodge at tonight’s Third Annual Curtis Glencross Charity Roughstock Invitational in support of the Ronald McDonald house of Central Alberta along with Hockey Alberta.

Kyle Bowers rode American Trip from the Outlawbuckers’ to 87 points to win himself the truck and coveted Troy Fischer trophy buckle. Nearly hometown cowboy Ky Marshall was Bowers’ closest competitor with his 84.5 in that short round.

Sam Kelts spurred Calgary Stampede’s Wild Cherry to an 88.5 edging Dustin Flundra and Rylan Geiger by a full two points. Kelts also had the top score in the long go with his 83 there.

Scott Schiffner was the only man to make the whistle in the short round as he rode Braithwaite’s Wrangler Extreme to an 89.5. 9 rides of 12 were recorded in the long go of competition in a pen of bulls Schiffner set himself.

Stay tuned for the full amount raised for charity in the weeks to come.

Dianne Finstad talked to all the winners on Sunday for the Red Deer Advocate.



Official results from the Glencross Charity Roughstock Invitational on August 22, 2014.

Bareback: Long Go: 1. Kyle Bowers and Ky Marshall, 84.5: 3. Matt Lait, 79.5; 4. Logan Hodson, 78.5; 5. Clayton Bunny, 77.5; 6. Cole Goodine, 77; 7. Dylan Bilton, 74; 8. Danton Bertsch, 73.5; 9. Riley Wik, 69.5.

Short Go: 1. Kyle Bowers on Outlawbuckers’ American Trip, 87 points; 2. Ky Marshall, 84.5; 3. Logan Hodson, 79.5; 4. Matt Lait, 79.

Saddle Bronc: Long Go: 1. Sam Kelts, 83; 2. Rylan Gieger, 81; 3. Dustin Flundra, 80.5; 4. (tie) Layton Green and Adam Gilchrist, 79; 6. Denver Daines, 78.5; 7. Justin Berg, 76; 8. (tie) Luke Butterfield, Jim Berry and Todd Herzog, 75.5; 11. Clint Cox, 72.5.

Short Go: 1. Sam Kelts on Calgary Stampede’s Wild Cherry, 88.5 points, 2. Rylan Geiger, 86.5; 3. Dustin Flundra, 86; 4. Layton Green, 78.5.

Bull Riding: Long Go: 1. Scott Schiffner and Dustin Tompkins, 86 points; 3. Zane Lambert, 85; 4. Todd Chotowetz, 83.5; 5. Ty Elliot, 82.5; 6. Devon Mezei, 82; 7. Tyler Thompson, 81; 8. Jordan Hansen, 80.5; 9. Jesse Torkelson, 80.

Short Go: 1. Scott Schiffner on Braithwaite’s Wrangler Xtreme, 89.5 points; no other qualified rides.



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